Kipara ngoto

South African researchers are informing us in their recent study that the cleaner your head is shaved,
the greater the risk of getting infected with HIV and Hepatitis.

They confirmed that the hair clippers were contaminated with blood- borne viruses and Hepatitis B.

How safe are we as we get haircuts from the Kinyozi`s in our Kenyan context?

@introvert ebu kamu hapa kiasi…


You can pick all sorts of duduz from the babers. Dawa ni kununua machine yako. 5K is such a small investment for the peace of mind that comes with it.


Had thought about it sometimes back. A nice Wahl machine.

But you also have to move to avoid the mtaani Kinyozi`s.

Otherwise wataanza " siku hizi @4makind anajifanya birrionea na
kukuja na mashini yake hapa. Kwani anadhani tuko na ebola

si ukinunua machine una train bibi ama mtoi ama jirani kuku nyoa hakuna cha kutembea nayo ka mijinga .

ndio maana sinyoi…

Why move, people will always talk whether you give me the reason to or not. Got mine when I saw the barber shaving a dude with really a bad scalp infection that had some open sores and I was next, nikajifanya natoka nje kupiga simu and left.

I disagree with all of you I run a very clean barber hapa Ungem and none of my customers have ever gotten aids.

kama hunyolewi hizo madesigns uko poa you just need a bald machine then no training anyone can just work on you.
all you need nikushow kunguru akumalizie so that you work on her