kinyozi wa kichwa

Side hustle ya @Panyaste★


Another notable contribution to this cesspool of depravity


what have I just watched:oops:

The only man i can pull my pant down is the doctor… the rest F** YOU ALL!

@tall mnyama everywhere story ya kuchunishwa na @Nachunisha Majamaa Sukuma iliendaje? Ukweli your a limp wristed sissy that deserves to be kamuad BLBH

Before 2021 iishe lazima nitakamua @tall mnyambo everywhere


How can I unsee this?!

Wacha ningojee machokosh wanikujie:D:D:D:D:D. This is gold to them. @T.Vercetti and posse ,im talking to you

thanks sija click

Tall MNYAMBOH wewe ni mnyamboh tu humbwer hii

yea super geiyyyyy

What the hell!