kingwa kamencu


dryfry…,presidential contender haes kuwa na ukimwi



Oxford University educated,…she should know better ; the flesh merchant!

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yet another lost soul…wapi cardinal aombeshe?

The stuff she writes , this one is a certified looney.

She seriously held a press conference to announce her presidential bid. The problem is that she cried half way. She probably could be an Mp somewhere today ata kama ni nominated

Kingwa Kamencu is the ultimate TROLL. She trolled the whole nation with the Presidency thing. Just go through her updates and pick her mind, personally I enjoy what she writes

I enjoy her sarcasm.

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Where soes she write? I know her from back then when she was bidding for presidency.

Remember her" tembea bila ngotha" campaign

she has a facebook page by the same name


Hii sasa ni wazimu



Wikipedia iko na article yake wazimu

Waiting for comments from female perspective

hii ni sex therapist kama ni tu ile ya @msalamegrace inaitwa sjui maurice clitoris

Ok. hii si HEKAYA. rasima engeweka mbisha!!!

She is a sexually liberated woman! She knows what she wants and she’s able to express her sexual desire…hard for most women…I approve! As a president… I’ll pass, she needs to get a husband first to tame her sassy self.

so you are not a femi nazi?