King kaka assassination attempt

Kenyan Rapper Kennedy Ombima alias King Kaka or Kaka Sungura has escaped an assassination attempt by a whisker after 11 bullets were fired into his car. This happened at exactly 10:49 pm in South B.Confidential reports confirm that the artist is in good health as he was not injured. “He has been rushed to the hospital for a check-up but we can confirm he is in a stable state” police informed reporters. Detectives are pursuing the hitmen. The reason for the assassination attempt on King Kaka is not immediately known but unconfirmed sources say that the attack was well calculated by some members of the political class after the musician criticized them in his latest song ‘Wajinga Nyinyi’.
Source: Retired officer @Meria Mata

ferk shit…stop reading fake news blog from college students

where is the bullet ridden car ? ama zote zili miss.

where is the picha of the car? Is this how he expect to be famous.

He is milking the opportunity properly.

even obvious fake news are being posted here?

Nimetoa hii pale mukuru kwa EMMNN. Don’t shoot ze messenger.

Where is the petrol, was there fire? Fake nyuus

Me thinks nobody has even threatened that bonobo. Hii spoken word by February itakuwa imesahaulika. King Kaka anatry tu kucreate controversy na kuraise profile. It is big business. Why would anyone he named care elections zikiwa 2022??

I’m going to refrain from commenting for or against until more information comes to light

The whole thing stinks of BS from miles aways.

The other day ulikuwa unaambia Ktalker “confirm source ama tung’oe thread” yet here you are doing the same thing…kalisha dudu chini…shenji.

Did the hitmen eliminate the song from Youtube too?

Upuss thread and click bait


Hii ni clickbait

Wapi mbisha ya moti?
Meffi wewe


Might be, won’t cost me none to research on it

It does have the makings, but what if it’s not

If Moses Kuria is not in danger and the way the whole of 2019 he had been stepping on the toes of high and mighty I don’t think anybody will hurt King Kaka.