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It’s true though. Given these harsh economic and social times we live in, any man who can wholeheartedly raise another one’s child must be a saint. No, not a simp, as some would say because they know exactly what they’re signing up for and still choose to bear the burden, heal a single mom’s broken heart.

He is not a saint no. He is a fool.

A big fool. Reverse the role and see why such a man is a very big fool. Iko mwanamke anaweza chukua jukumu la kutolea pesa mtoto wa kambo?


Same species right here…[ATTACH=full]342631[/ATTACH]


Every traditional community in Africa had this practice. During famine the woman usually left and went to stay with the man with food to feed the young. After famine she came back to her former man with new offspring.

Because if she didn’t do that she dies from starvation, all the kids die, the community dies.

It also reduced incest and associated diseases and scattered the seed far and wide.

Halafu unaskia talkers kama @Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii wakiringia single mother na hawajui hivyo ndio ancestors wake walizaliwa.

Kuwa na huruma kwa vijana wadogo hapa waambie ukweli please. Tell them the truth. Ni ufala. Ati saint? Single mother? Wewe najua huwezi hata tumia mask imetumika. Na kuzaa na mtu implies some biological imperatives more intimate than sharing masks. Huwezi share mask wewe. Kama unajipenda. Wewe ukijua mask imetumika hata huwezi guza. Labda ikuwe imetumika na hujui. Lakini mask iko na big stain of snort hapo katikati? Worse, ile hujui nani alitumia? Ah zi. Wacha kutuenjoy. Nikiona umestrap mask kama hiyo kwa uso tutakosana sana na wewe. Personally I would never look at you the same way. So I am sure those women know from the depth of their hearts, their cores, that hao wanaume ni meffi. They know hao ni mafala.

Lol @ heal a single mom’s broken heart. Audacity!

Huyo ni @byro sio mimi

singo mathas deserve no marriage.Single matha kungurus deserve neither marriage nor mercy

Any woman who uses names like; Real man, Gentleman, Saint, Nice guy, Good man, good guy, to describe men that she wants or yearns for, is a post wall chieth single mother… I don’t fuck with that bullshit at all.

If your hubby cheats can you wholeheartedly raise the kid

yes, on condition that she also allows me another wife, and I mean to marry a second one roho safi and sire with her. I raise all together.