Kimeumana wadau! Japan sends a strong warning to China..


Hii ndio unaita kimeumana?

DOs and DON’Ts when going for Covid-19 test

For the past two days, I am stranded here at Busia border waiting for my Covid-19 test results so that I can proceed to Kampala.

While waiting, I learnt the DOs and Don’ts when going for the COVID-19 test;

  1. Do carry some cash. The test is not free, even in government hospitals like Busia County Referral hospital. Charges range from Kshs 1,000-kshs 8,000.

  2. Do brush your teeth.

  3. Do wipe your ass well, incase things go the anal way.

  4. Do wear a mask, and maintain social distance. Remember those who have come for the test might actually be positive and you do not want to “catch” it at the testing center.

  5. Don’t eat a lot of food. You don’t want to puke when that thing is inserted deep inside your throat.

  6. Don’t go for the test when drunk.

Just wash your ass dimwit

Ghaseer i thought ni kitu serious

Why do you care so much for his Ass? You Ga-y or something?

Japan won’t bully china again like during wwll

ungesema kamenuka

Japan can still obliterate china to oblivion in military warfare


Who came up with the weird method of taking anal swabs for covid test?

Today’s China is not the same one that Japan brutalized in the 1930’s. I would be willing to bet that China is secretly hoping for a chance to exert revenge.