Kim Jong-un spotted with plaster on back of head sparking fresh health concerns

Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un’s health is being debated once more after last week’s unprecedented state TV broadcast, which described the North Korean dictator as ‘emaciated’.
Kim Jong-un has been seen with a mysterious head bandage like a large plaster, fuelling further concerns for his health.
North Korean’s tyrant was earlier spotted with unusual dark patches above his neck.
Footage of a military conference held in Pyongyang from July 27 to 29 - but released today - shows the leader with a big plaster as he addresses the crowd. In a further clip of the recent state TV broadcast, Jong-un was seen with the apparent wound uncovered. It comes amid speculation about the 37-year-old’s well being following his dramatic recent weight loss. Last week, North Korea aired unprecedented television footage of one of its citizens expressing concern for the dictator.

The Supreme Leader’s health status is usually off-limits - but state TV allowed the country’s main channel to show footage of him looking thinner.
During the same speech, a plaster covers up the wound-The channel then aired a video of a Pyongyang citizen telling the channel about his upset at seeing Jong-un look so thin.The man said: “Seeing him become emaciated like that, we all became so sad. Everyone just started to cry.” It comes as the leader’s sister warned the US and South Korea not to hold “hostile” military drills this month in a show of her rising power in North Korea. Kim Yo-jong says North Korea will be watching closely to see if the annual “war exercises” take place and that they would damage “North-South” relations.
Yo-jung is rumoured to be seen by Kim as his successor should he die before his son, 12, is old enough to take to power.

Kim ako ngangari. Biden is Starting propaganda to silence American from his Afghanistan pullout failure.

That’s emaciated??

He doesn’t want to go down his father’s footsteps. He was a boozer and a paranoid @Introvert. Didn’t rule for long. He had to murder him and his uncles.
This guy will be around for anaza half a century or so, unless he does something foolish to the USA( like launching an ICBM)
As for the sister, she doesn’t stand a chance, neither her kids if any… They will be eliminated.

Jesus…what a family

Yeah, he’s lost much and becoming thin, maybe alipigwa na corona or something else has found way to him. but we’ll see how he goes about.

baddest family dynasty, something is not good with him, and vile hio country is very secretive, its nearly impossible to know ako na nini inamkula rakini chinkos will do anything to protect him, they are in good terms.

yeah what a family, very tough on their people, they get treated as “Gods”. they way the cry when he meets his people, wanalia kama wanaona bila ya wao, maisha hakuna faida.

Absolute power

Kuna tofauti gani na waaafrika wenye who worship their pastors and even weep for them.

too much and plenty of love:D

general ako sawa. just a small tatoo to reassert his mongol-goryeo heritage.

maybe kinyosi alipitia vibaya

Sasa hii vita watapigana hadi lini. U S enjoys stepping dowon small countries like Cuba na North Korea. Tuinchi tudogo tunafinyanishwa tunakosa otherwise.

Kimani Jong Yunnie ako sawa