Kim Jong Bans Korean Sheng

NORTH Koreans could be sent to labour camps for flouting a tyrannical ban on slang or textspeak.
Authorities in the secretive state will inspect citizens’ phones. Rule breakers face the gulag.
Examples include “chal-ka” (see you) and “ty” (English abbreviation for thank you). South Korean TV is banned in the North. A parent told Japanese journalists anyone breaching the phone message rules “will be suspected of watching South Korean dramas and interrogated”.


I’m surprised he even allowed to have phones in the first place . This is progress

i do not know why china allows N Korea to remain poor just because they disagree with US. Would US allow Canada to become a backwater just because they disagree with China? Vitu zingine mtu huangalia tu.

The East generally doesn’t give a shit about humanitarian aid, which makes sense when you look at how their countries are run. There’s not exactly a premium on basic human rights.

NK have phones?:oops:

There is a permanent US military presence in South Korea. China will not allow US forces at its border so it needs North Korea as a buffer state. Its basic political commonsense.

Mtu ako na nyuklia akose simu wazimu hii

Wewe matako,naulizia ya raiya sio nyanya ya kim.punguza nyege. Sura ka makende ya ngamia

Mnajifanya mnajua kila kitu na bado mnaandika “secretive state”…aje? Wachaneni na propaganda

North Korea is not poor. Use google maps kwa simu yako uangalie city inaitwa Pyongyang, no city in Africa can compare to it, city zote africa ni slum ikicompare na Pyongyang. Zile projects Kim anarun…bila usaidizi kutoka worldbank na imf… economy zenu africa zitacollapse mkiwa na projects kama izo.

Kumbafu ii unadhani NK iko pluto kwenda mwaga hio mrenda unadhani ni akili.