Killing Innovation

The safaricom and senate story can bring shivers in prospective investors.
Why should safaricom split its revenue of mpesa?
And then why should be held liable for failed competition?
The same case applies to Tabitha’s Keroche.
Some government jargons are really prodding their fingers into legitimate, private holes and the reason the majority of kenyan youths are jobless and iddling around.
My sentiments.

Greed is the reason behind it

hiyo jargon yako ni kali lakini watu walipe ushuru tujitegemee. pia watu watengenezee wananchi bidhaa nzuri, siyo money by any means, including death…


Like Bob said, these people are narrow minded. Safaricom to our eyes is a big firm worth 700B sh, but thats peanuts to akina Google. The senate that is being lined by competitors just want to line their pockets, but have no idea what will happen hawa wangoso wakikuja. Google can make safaricom collapse, ikuwe nikama kutumia landline leo.


Exactly! also why should safaricom suffer just coz the competition have their preferences wrong? Nani aliwakataza kuanzia their own invention ya “mpesa” way before safaricom’s came in?
Juzi tu there was another case of a cabinet secretary and his family fighting over ownership of their ‘parents’ property running into billions.
Ukifuatilia unakuta that the CS was the one who revived that enterprise, ikienda down. Re-invented the wheel.
Can’t remember exactly the name of the CS.

Airtel wana ufala sana yet they begun operations at almost the same time in a virgin market

Wakenya si tujiangalie wenyewe. Doesn’t Safaricom splitting mean more jobs for mwananchi? Mbona tunajali when big multinationals are fighting it out na tunabenefit?


Fuck airtel, tuwasaidie wapate profits then wazitume zote india, fuck that that. At least for Safcom, 35% of profits are owned by Gova and bits and pieces of 25% ziko na wanainchi


:D:D Sawa buda. What I meant is that let them fight it out and let us share the spoils.

I think its Nduva Muli

Hii kisanga started na Kina Bitange Ndemo, and dont expect it to end any time soon. Declaring Safcom a dominant player will lead to consequences that will reduce revenues significantly. As the top tax payer unafikiri that will happen? Hutu tu Gover officcials watapewa tulaptop na kickbacks kibao (Trips to Dubz to dryfry their clandes) for the status quo to remain the same.

Umesahau ile story ya they came for the Jews, then Sijui the Muslims bla bla bla…when they are done with safaricom they’ll target another company till we are all fucked up


Hakuna mambo ya Jews Muslims hapa. We aren’t hiding our heads. We’re watching benefits trickle down to us. I don’t see how you can’t see this.


Yes it is

If I was SafCom, I’d do it as a matter/technique of survival. The cases of Standard Oil and AT&T quickly come to mind.

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People worship big things. Safaricom can be split, but airtel is shit and should be deregistered. The solution might not be splitting though. I think airtel should have its license revoked for disuse.

what happened? tuelimishe bro

If I was SafCom, I’d do it as a matter/technique of survival. The cases of Standard Oil and AT&T quickly come to mind.

In both cases, the companies were ‘broken up’ by judicial orders mainly because of their monopolistic tendencies.