Kilimanjaro, Kenya's or Tanzania's?

Historical records seem to prove that its ours but was seceded to Tz by the colonial beberus. I say, why don’t we xenophobia attack our way into TZ and reclaim what is rightfully ours?? We fukuza Tanzanians from Kilimanjaro because it belongs to Kenya just like how South Africans don’t want to see other Africans in their Country.
Link ndio hii na picha hapo chini. Hata hao twiga ni wananchi wa Kenya

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Its originally ours, but a fuckin mountain doesnt make much difference in this country. As long as it is in africa, it doesnt make any difference to me. After all, the borders we have are a foreign thing and are not even drawn by us. Whoever drew the first borderline also drew the second borderline. So whether a birthday was the reason for one or all the borderlines, it stays that way. Even those over there in tanzania are people and moreso africans and having a mountain isnt bad for them either. Why would you want all mountains for yourself. Even the potential oil fields in old NE pronvice could be argued to be somali, as well as some parts of western kenya could be argued to be Ugandan. There are countless other examples in this continent.

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Mzungu messed up it would be maasai’s property.

hata tz kuna maasai wengi sana


na waborana wale wengi wako ethiopia na hawadai isiolo

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Have you ever climbed even the smallest hill in your home area before you start claiming mountains?


The view is better from Kenya than TZ.

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Exactly the maasai surround that area it would be theirs just like mt.kenya belonged to agikuyu

uganda imefika naivasha.
idi amin tried to claim it

Who will unravel the Migingo Island “mystery”…which one belongs to Kenya? The water or the Island?

It won’t make my life any better

Kenyans you don’t know to fight for what is yours while our neighbors guards theirs jealously. Kila kitu munachukulianga lightly and thats how Uganda went with our Migingo. Up North we’ve allowed Ethiopia to build a hydroelectric dam which is likely going to dry up Lake Turkana while Ethiopia itself does not bow to Egypt’s threats of war over the river Nile. Down South, Tanzania has a dispute with its neighbor Malawi over a lake which by the way bears the name Malawi. Wait until we start pumping the oil, Kenyans in the North will take up arms South Sudan style to fight the Govt for secession. Turkanas and the Likes will form a state and so will the Walalos to the North East. Do I need to remind you the claim “Pwani si Kenya” Alafu China tuwaachie waue Elephant zote na Rhinos over Ivory mutaona mutabaki na nini

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Stop being melodramatic. You are just another prophet of doom.

Where I come from, an inch of land is worth killing for. And neighbors know better than to mess with boundaries.

Do you know we grabbed the Elemi triangle from Southern sudan.Ata sisi ni wanoma.

We didn’t. The boundary over there is yet to be determined, hence the reason it appears as a dotted line in recent maps.

If kenya were to be redrawn using original maps, it would be a fuckin strip of desert.


Baganda are not even near the Kenyan border. They are in Central Uganda.