Kilimall unveils Colleges and University empowerment plan: Kilipal Program.

The most fast growing online shopping platform in Kenya moves in to empower young people in a bid to open job opportunities.
Yesterday, i read from the internet that it also announced mas internship opportunities.

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kila mtu anafungua online shopping website yake siku hizi.

spammers are on the way…

Wapi link to the Internet article that ulisoma?

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I.think Kilimall is one of the strong and unique Online Shopping firm in Kenya. It suports merchants to operate shops on its website as opposed to other online shopping sites

Boss, tumeskia kama umekuja kuspam then jua hatuclick hizo links.

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We are not kids so stop spamming. Backup up your claims ama uwache ufale ya kupost link… We won’t click

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No spaming guys.

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