Kilifi County

I cant help but notice that this county has employed so many county guys in the many shanty centres across the county. I think they are county askaris and their work is collecting fees even fron women who sell dried fried pieces of fish and clamping vehicles. All wearing a very dull uniform. Most of them are always hungry. I think they are poorly paid due to escalated figure with no revenue. Earlier, I also noticed that the county has bought so many four wheel guzzlers and double cabs. When in Mariakani, I saw one double cab circling the small matatu stage over and over going to nowhere in particular. So yesterday I went visiting the county HQs only to see a memo copied to all offices within the county warning drivers have been reported using the vehicles against the rules and most parking them at Mangweni mnazi dens. This wastage of resources multiplied by 47 counties made me realize Kenya has no future economically…if the trend goes this way. Its time we make laws to say where money should go.


Noticed the same state of affairs about the County Askaris in Mtwapa. Kilifi has its priorities badly misplaced. For a county so stricken with poverty, how they could spend 140M on a Governor’s house has never really sunk in my brain.

Damn!!! I never watch TV news anymore. They infuriate me to dangerous levels.

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In Nyeri, the only fellows walking around with long faces after the beautification that came with Nyaatha’s beatification are the yellow-kabuti guys. wamewezwa juu parking fees are now being paid only by card and they cannot pocket some of the revenue like they have been used to…

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am from kilifi county, kingi administration is a big joke

apparently, the buying of that house was passed by the kilifi people during budget review

They are more mad than I initially thought.

Was it passed by wananichi or the bunge ya county, hebu specify. Anyways this governor and county bullshiet does not add much value to our lives unless of course one comes from Machakos county

The people, wananchi, have the right to review county budget but majority are not aware of this right.

Governors are using the peoples ignorance to fulfil their own ideas of what they think the people want…i can go on and on and on but fact of the matter is that these people think they are small gods that rule over people who do not know what they want. And guess what? they are getting away with it.


Sad. Really sad!