kikuyus should learn to mind their own business ka si hivyo watamwagia mtu unga

i was reading an article by ngunjiri wambugu of the star called
babs Unnatural Bond With Media,the gentle man is daring enough to ask those questions that everyone else in the media is afraid to asks.
some of those questions are
1,babu’s wealth
2, babu’s popularity
3,babu is a 'Democrat’
4,safi kama pamba
5,fallouts with friends




Ngunjiri Wambugu was once under “babu’s” payroll…Now after the fallout the only “sexy” stories he can write about is “Raila” for political bonga points.
These are the kind of people you ignore.

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does it mean it should be ignored before reading

this pic remands[ATTACH=full]7169[/ATTACH] me of Babar

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Kwani huyu baba ni ya mama yako, chieth #hiding