Kikuyus Kujeni huku

Translate for me. What’s grandma saying?

Sasa vijana wazima barubaru na wanaume wakianza kusikiza na kufuata ma cucu hii nchi itakalika kweli. Na si wao ndio wanashinda wakilia hawapewi nafasi? Come on! you need to do better than that. Ndio kwa maana mnatishwa na wakalenjin.
Break with the past and chart your own destiny.

kikuyus are at their stupidest level politically right now…
wangekuwa werevu they would have supported BBI and then vote Ruto if he is the person they want…

what are the benefits of BBI? Everyone including Kalenjins Kikuyus Luo and the rest shall suffer if BBI passes. Who is ready to finance 600mps, Ministers, deputy ministers, prime minister and two deputies who have no any given function? what do we gain from that? entrenching 5 tribal positions at the top? is not that even creating ethnic polarized society? what do we stand to gain from emasculated Judiciary under the hands of the state. Why promise 35% when know you are struggling with giving 15 % and paying the govt debt? what do we benefit from the extra mps seat increased from 290 to 360? BBI is just a trash meant for state capture and 2022 politics nothing more than that.

What will the kikuyus gain from the bbi?

What is this so good that needs the bribing of Mcas with car grants?

Read the BBI document and you won’t need to ask such basic questions.

Kindly forward the document for all to read. Which version do you have?

Do you mean you’re anti something you have not seen or read??? Nigga??

  • the extra MPs come with extra expenses but also comes with more representation and hence cdf allocations will increase.
    (and because you asked how kikuyus will benefit, – their counties are the biggest gainers in the new constituencies to be created)

  • there is also the proposed increased allocation to the counties… we may be broke and not be able to meet the percentage , but at least it will be in law.
    -the tax break given to new businesses will also be a reprieve for start-ups esp in the manufacturing sector

  • on the issue of the prime minister and extra deputies, people are naively asking what is their purpose , am of the same opinion too , they will have no real benefit… but you forget our ethnically polarized nation, where during elections and immediately after , tribes who have lost feel they are not part of government and they are excluded, making our elections a cut throat do-or-die competition where businesses close and life comes to a stand still … these extra seats are meant to be distributed across the nation to calm down bonobos so as to give them a false sense of nationhood… it feels stupid but its the reality of our nation.

hii ndiyo ujinga iko Kenya,

You are forgetting this document have been changed constantly… like three times. What is so hard for the government printer to print enmass like the 2010 constitution and distribute to the mass and then embark on educating Wanjiku for her to make her decision… The resistance is coming from not factoring in the thresholds of cash crops…
But why force it down the throats…

all good things of increasing funds sijui tax break do not need a referendum document to happen

It is theThe new bullsh*t positions created for the few that needs the referendum, watu wengine muache kua ng’ombe

We are not in 2010. It’s 202 AD, the year when even my grandmother has a smartphone that she can use to access such documents.


BBI is the biggest threat to KENYA right now. Opposing BBI is the most patriotic thing you can do. You can’t buy more Revenue Allocation if it comes attached to an imperial president. That’s one step forward only to take 1000 giant leaps behind. That my friend is the stupidity!

You don’t seem to be aware of the current constitution, or how the Country’s dynamics work!

  1. You falsely suggest that more representation equates to more development. FALSE!

The country performed best under Kibaki when he instituted a far leaner govt than what we have now.

We already have one of the most bloated governments in the world AS IS! Revenue Allocation can be standardized without increasing the constituencies!

  1. A 35 percent allocation to the counties is already possible under the current constitution without a referendum!

  2. Do you even know what the BBI suggests concerning the Deputies and Premieres?

They are Presidential appointments!!! He appoints them at will! He appoints who he wants!

That solves winner takes all how? It makes things far worse because when you get the presidency, you get everything.

Remember there was even a clause on a Judiciary Ombudsman? The idea of the BBI is to imperialize the Presidency… An assault to every gain made in the fight for democracy this fifty odd years!

And people should stop caring about what My. Kenya will gain. Look at what we all will lose!

Cite the relevant fiscal year/s that counties received 35% of the last audited budget.

Again, quote the relevant clause in the BBI document that supports your point.

Asserting without citations is rumour mongering like yule jamaa wa wheelbarrow empowerment.

BBI ni meffi … hio over representation translates to extra resource wastage and increased corruption lords