Nimepita twirra nkaona upuzi inaitwa ‘kikuyu privilege’ and i was like iko wapi tuiendee. I manage three jobs a day just to get by and someone stands up to say we are privileged. Hii ndo vitu inafanya niskie vitu kama kikuyu elders and kingpins naskia kurukwa na akili.

All these leaders who ride on the kikuyu name to have their way will burn in hell forever. I pray for the day there will be nothing like the Mt Kenya region for thats what makes us be shunned by other tribes. Ati swezi nunua shamba kisii au western region juu ya jina yangu ya mwisho. Anyway kila mtu apambane na hali yake.[ATTACH=full]249461[/ATTACH]

si mlitoa watu icu mpigie uhuru kura, why are you working 3 jobs? in politics kikuyus talk as if they own kenya, but in real life they are used and mis used by elite families. they are voting machines. very easily puppeteered

ata mimi nipewe hii prifirage nikuwe mashida zimeniondokea

Those who hate will still find a reason to hate you so find something to do and stop thinking about them…
…and there are no shambas in Kisii anyway…

Rumour mongers spread that analogy. But saying we are privileged is an insult .

Wewe ni mmoja wa hao leaders mkiwa na mzee fieldmarshal.

should we kill ourselves now-oh? don’t mind us and you will save the calories you expend pitying us… ciaku ni tha itari iria…

Tiga urimu…wamenwo nawe ukemena?

Tumenagwo niudu wa adu ta inywe mukoragwo na kedo giitagwo Entitlement. Nowander we will always remain a third world country.

What is that entitlement ninakuwa nayo? Umeshawahi sikia nikiambia yeyote ahame kwake nikaage huko; au nikamwambia anipatie bibi wiki moja? Juu haters wamesema Kikuyu wako na entitlement na wewe umechukua mantra…stop being a robot…Stop being coerced to adopt a certain political stance to disprove a stereotype…what should you care if they hate you or not?

“Kikuyu privilege, like white or male privilege, therefore, has little to do with wealth but everything to do with self-perception – and delusion. It is the reason why, despite having suffered at the hands of every regime in Kenya, poor and dispossessed Kikuyus continue to follow the philosophy of uthamaki, a belief that Kikuyus are – and should remain – the true and only rulers of this land known as Kenya.”

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Sasa, my friend, what does Rasna Warah, a muhindi girl, know about the feeling of pride or privilege a kikuyu man feels or does not feel?
Are the Agikuyu the only people who have perfected the politics of tribe? Why does everyone point fingers at the Agikuyu?
It is said when you point a finger four are pointing at you. Let us all look inwards if we are to solve the problem of politics of tribe.

You are a very stupid Gikuyu. Eti you look forward to a time when th
E Gikuyu will not exist? Well you are gonna wait for a long time given the rate Kenya is Gikuyunising. Just about everybody whos anybody, including Babuon, knows some Gikuyu. Or is married to a Gikuyu.

Next force awakening is Somalis…right now wakikuyu wameacha kuzaana in rural areas mostly alcohol problems while Somalis have at least 6 per family

there is nothing worse than being indoctrinated to hate your own Homeland. nothing is worse than a people without a Homeland. look at the Israelites and how much suffering they suffered because they did not have a homeland to take shelter

did you know, fun fact. drug abuse and alcoholism is most prevalent in Mombasa and Western respectively. am not saying you should change your beliefs. at the same time you should question yourself on why you fear a declining tribe of drunkards


I can tell you for free why Asians like that bitch hate the Gikuyu. We completely disabuse the notion of the stupid, lazy African. Read the journals of early Europeans in EA. They had a very healthy respect, and fear of the Agikuyu. People like the murderous Col Multenzberg (spelling!) correctly predicted as early as 1900 that the Gikuyu would fight the British and would never accept subjugation. It started with the likes of Waiyaki, Thuku in the 20s and the likes of KAU in the 30s and 40s. NO OTHER SINGLE AFRICAN TRIBE HAS TAKEN ON THE BEBERU LIKE GEMA DID BETWEEN 1951-1960. In todays PC world these are unpalatable facts. But explain to me why business is dominated by Gikuyus. Explain to me why Kenya is the leading black even when some tribes contribute virtually nothing to the economy. Explain to me three of Kenyas presidents have been Gikuyu. Explain why our only Nobel laureate iss Gikuyu. Or Kenyas most known writer. IT IS NOT BECAUSE GIKUYUS ARE GENETICALLY SUPERIOR. But their sense of self worth, justice, and outgoing nature trumps most. Unpalatable but true.

ION, leo [ATTACH=full]249481[/ATTACH]nakunywa ya mafundi.

Machungu mingi wacha.Hakuna kabila haina kashida kake.The guy is also disapproving those who ride on Kikuyu name to get a pass somewhere.
You must also be very stupid to believe that there are people who were taken from ICU to go vote.

if he’s one.