@digi - he is a kihii and a pimp. @digi nitumie kitu poa inbox tuongee bei

@tall mnyama everywhere - this elder atlast alitoka kwa mama. We as elders we should clap for him for being a man now. But alimisuse allion ya muhindi, muhindi akachukua, siku hizi anaonekana ndani ya kenya mpya (evidence attached)


@uwesmake - for being with a family and standing for marriages, we clap! Kwani ulikulia boss kunguru siku hizi uonekani team buildings naivasha?

@forestmonkey - you might be mistaken to think this guy lives in forest according to his hekayas. Is it true u did vasetomy ama ni kuchezea wanakijiji? But you love fantasies and dreams alot

@under23 - this guy years ago was a hit here. Alitusafisha na kutuchafua macho na vyakula zake. But its like alimaliza his 50 litres of semen


@cortedivoire (a.ka. siwezimind kulipa 3k) - 2 things zimepiga chenga this elder like Mariga pale kibra; Women and money.

@ChifuMbitika - kijiji sponsor atleast with sane reasoning

@Mpenda - he lives for the puthy but some things he eats even a dog can refuse eating them. Problem ni masponyo wamepandisha bei. Same thing inasumbua @Chiefguest

@mr.musk - who understands this guy?

@Savage - sane talk but a savage too

@Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii - this guy hates women and marriage. You may be correct thinking he is gay or from a dysfunctional family or single mother

@rexxsimba - lives in fantasies and arimis is his friend reason for the huge collection of ladies worldwide

@Micymas - hizi vitu zako unatoa kilimani mums, facebook, twitter, toa hapa! You rely bore with them. Hii ni kijiji ya wazee si ya wamama

@admin - after all this traffic twamletea, admin ni stingy even not a cup of tea hawezi lipia elders kunguru wasalimiane to thank them?

Shots fired

Tuko kanisaa

It’s all natural. Rules of nature.

Thengiu very much. I highly appreciate your compliments.

How can I lay my hands on one of those sleeping beauties?

Hehe umesahau kujitaja.

@jmoy , sahizi ni mapema Sana kuwasha kindukulu.

Here is an idea:“What if the Titanic never sank?”

It would have been retired by now due to old age. Those people who perished in the accident would still be dead anyway since it’s 107 years since the fateful incident.


:smiley: Well, we all know how that goes. Shots fired. Our officers responded. Two subjects were killed. One Tokalevs and One ak47 and 21 rounds of ammunition were recovered…