Kijiji mekufa

Mekufa kabisa

Cc: @digi the kivisii



Who is tired… ohhh so tired of simpletons that hop from one village to another…chanting one annoying tune? No one needs you Pamba etc, Bhai and other miniscules. I checked my blocks coz I thought you should be there …and you are!!! Why am I reading some nignogs Admin?

[SIZE=7]A village speaks for self.[/SIZE]


Menopause haijaanza shoshoste?


Menop will start about the time as yours? does that ring a bell? Hang in there hun…only 3 days…
Mimi nimezaa tayari so…not worried.

I am really worried about what my teen nephews told me jana and what some more older nephews added on about MGTOW…:smiley:

@muchatha local…oh boy ooooooooooooooooooooooooh boy…you will not like it.

God :saitan:MoDs when will this Kihii thing stop? It comes from handles you can see…

Hehehe what did they say? I’m very very curious and disturbed that now even teens are now badmouthing our supreme alliance