Kiir bans singing of national anthem? Such an Insecure Idiot!

What’s the weirdest directive you have ever heard being issued by a head of state?

Well, South Sudan President Salva Kiir has banned the singing of the national anthem in his absence.

According to the country’s Information Minister Michael Makuei, the national anthem is only meant for the president.
"The national anthem is only meant for the president, in a function only attended by the president, not for everybody,” he told AFP on Monday.

“We are seeing now even a minister, undersecretary, even governor or state minister, whenever there is a function, the national anthem is sung.”
Makuei said that the directive was issued by Kiir during a cabinet meeting on Friday.

The minister said that with the exception of schools where children are taught the anthem and Sudan embassies, no one else is allowed to sing the national anthem in Kiir’s absence. He added that military leaders have also been banned from addressing the public wearing the army uniform.
Though he did not specify how those who disobey the directive would be punished, Makuei said they would face consequences for their actions.

"These are orders and of course when you disobey the orders of the president then you carry your cross.”

This guy made President Obama wait for him.

Mangelepa umetoka 17th century ama?

The Pope kissed his feet now he feels that he is God’s brother.

Before you call him names you have to look at what their constitution says on this

can you post it and stop leaving people in a limbo…we don’t know what it says

I am not aware what it says on this. But I would move slowly before calling him names just in case he has the constitution on his side

leave jaruo to enjoy his country.


mijinga 'ii. stupid african.