When I was a kihii, I was one of the most naughtiest kihii around . Kihii kiaganu piu piu piu…
Eating sugar, stealing my mother’s coins to buy madivans amongst many other misdemeanors.
No day would end without a thorough beating, either at school, or at home.
Everything that ihiis of those days did was spiced with waganu (bad manners)… Especially farting. .
When a kihii sensed a big, fat fart preparing to come out from the deep recess of the rectum, he would run where his friends were concentrated and let rip the most pungent scud missile of the century. And as other boys scampered in different directionsfor fresh air, the farter would be left rolling on the ground with laughter…
One day, as I accompanied other ihiis to collect firewood at Thogoto forest, I felt some thick air grawl in my stomach. I felt some build up in the deep end of my rectum. I felt the small cloth (gakuo kaingi) move a little bit… There and there, I knew that a build-up of one of the most pungent-smelling fart was ongoing in the annals of my stomach… I stopped in my tracks as I my friends proceeded …
The previous day, I had fed on a generous serving of githeri with many beans, and washed it down with a sumptuous soup of the same beans. That is why my intestines were preforming some dombolo dances…
Back to my walk. As my friends proceeded with their lazy walk, I hatched a plan to maximumly feed them with my pungent fart.
I started running. I ran as fast as my feeble legs would carry me. On reaching where they were, I jumped like 3 feet above the ground, hitting one of the boys with my buttocks on his head, in the process, exerting all my energy to release a massive fart …
But, as I landed down laughing from ear to ear, I felt something warm and waterly in the insides of my shorts.
Its then that some flies started buzzing around me, as my friends ran away from me in fits of laughter, shouting that, " nikieharirwo! Nikieharirwo!!.. ( He has diarrhoea-ed on himself).

You can be a good artist but your choice of topic boss, shit and fart!

Anyway, like nimekupea.

Gakuo kaingi getagwo many clothes.
I also used to go for firewood there tukiwa ihii nyingi sana

Gati ka kahii,i dont know what means…but kujiharia…ama wacha tu

when i was new in ktalk this kind of comments used to hurt me but saa nmeelewa kua savage ndio mpango mzima

He he he, there is only one Ktalk.

You grew a thick skin

Hehehehe ningesema Hekaya Swafee lakini Ni Ya mshuto na …,
Hekaya on point.

Madivani. Only talkers of a certain generation know what that is. Do you?
By the way, I thought it was only our place we used the name. Surprise.

Are you by any chance related to @Mosa, @Adeudeu or Makena?

And that’s when you learnt to differentiate between shit and quality fart!

I used to put 5 madivan in water to make soda

niaje mkubwa?

and Jinja cloth

Poa sana boss, TBT inakushikia wapi?

poa kabisa

After kwaharirwa uliingia kwa class hivo??

Kula sweetie na karatasi. This is not mere hearsay. I did eat madivani in its wrapper…countless times. Ati isiishe haraka.

Oh the joys of night running. You get to know that wires are crossed all over…all over. Niì reke ngwìre