Kienyeji za instagram (motoring)

Pure metal

Muscle :stuck_out_tongue:

the white and orange are dope stuff.

Hakuna Datsun?

Chevy S&S

Manze hii kitu na ile ya Mitsubishi, almost similar to this huwa zinanibamba. If I ever jo…

How comes cars are no longer built with pure metal?

Me thinks its car making companies are feircely competing to make cars that appeal to the masses. Cheap ones with great mileage. So the cars end up being made with many palstic components to meet the above

total car…

Ni.mits.Celeste? Great car

Ford mustang GT!!! Weuuueee


Kuna moja hapa project car…
Very smart.

macho safi sasa

Hehehe…lakini parts unapata wapi? Au kila kitu ni modification…

Brake and suspension parts zinapelekana na L200.
The engine and gearbox we want to put italemea drum brakes (Nissan SR20 Turbo) so we’ll change the rear differential iwe ya disc brakes.
Kisha roll cage na running board ya 2 inch hollow tube section and a good paint job.


can one get this beauty in Kenya?

garage iko wapi mkubwa? ama ni own jobs tu. that’s awesome stuff

This is being done for my kid brother.
I can inbox garage directions.