TMT now says in addition to the conditions that Al Ghurai, Chiloba and several commissioners never participate in the upcoming election, KIEMS pia haitambuliki na NASA and should be changed asap. Morpho on their part are saying they need five weeks to prepare 45k new cards. Meaning the election date has been moved to 26th unofficially. Is there time for a new management system??


KIEM was responsible for preventing 106% voter turnout in bondostan. it must go!



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This is what will prevent rigging.

Balls of steel are highly needed. No time for a sissy. Head on

Where the fuck is Maraga? The SCOK’s ruling would settle all this shenanigans

Matiangi had set Oct 23 to be the beginning of the exams. He will have to postpone the exams by at least 1 or 2 weeks so that teachers who are IEBC staff or party agents can rest, the schools that are going to be used as polling stations can be cleaned and the political climate to cool down so that the students don`t face any insecurity issues while doing their exams.

Nasa and maraga and co. are not interested in election, they are working on sabotaging IEBC till the 60 days are over. Then maraga will rule out a caretaker govt -nusu mkate. Do not be shocked to see the judgement supporting nasa ultimatums to IEBC, meaning they already know the judgement


I wonder what our kids might read in history


Instead of focusing on the nusu mkate propaganda, you should be focussing on who in IEBC aliharibu kura ya Uhuru. If the repeat elections are held without the removal of the culprits in IEBC who introduced the fake forms into the system, failed to sign, entered wrong results etc. you should expect Uhuru to face the same problems in the next elections.

who said the 26th…?

NASA trying all means to ensure that they, for the first time, lose fairly

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The DPP will be dealing with the errant IEBC staff after the rulings.

RASA has never wanted an election all, TMT will do whatever it takes to sabotage elections. :eek:
All he wants is permanent nusu mkate and that’s why they harp on “an all inclusive government” but in any democracy there must be winners and losers, Rasa had 5 years to develop alternative policies to jubilee and failed.:rolleyes::rolleyes:

[SIZE=5]ODM is the poster child of failure!:eek:
ODM run counties are a mess and the country would be turned into one big pile of crap under ODM’s Rasa!!:D:D[/SIZE]


Meanwhile in Kajiado …wembe ni…:smiley:
Kajiado Governor Joseph Lenku (third left) and Kakuta Maimai (extreme right) in Kenyewa Poka Ward in Masimba on September 16, 2017. /KURGAT MARINDANY


Kajiado politician Kakuta Maimai has asked residents to reject NASA and work with the ruling Jubilee party and Governor Joseph ole Lenku.
Maimai said he will join Jubilee leaders in campaigning for President Uhuru Kenyatta ahead of the Ocotber 17 repeat election.
“I have made a personal decision to do away with ODM and NASA because the alliance is full of nepotism and favouristm,” he said on Saturday.
Maimai said he supported Raila Odinga throughout his political career but it has dawned on him that he has been supporting a person-vested interest and not ODM.


Maraga has no mandate to make that ruling. Power will default to the speaker of parliament if I am not wrong.


NASA’s job is to issue ultimatums and threats, demand changes and control of things they believe they can manipulate. With KIEMS aside and back to manual, they’d still lose in a fair race, but their intent is not to contest.

When Issak Hassan’s IEBC finally went, CORD began to attack the replacements even before they had sat down!


IEBC walipewa pesa ngapi to run the elections na wakakunia? Just like NYS nobody is questioning that because they believe their side will win. No wonder we have shitty leaders & institutions. Halafu unapata mtu akilia maisha imekuwa ngumu.

The script is simple.

  1. Make as many allegations as possible, no matter how outrageous. Like saying a Sh200 billion a year revenue French company was compromised by Jubilee.
  2. Issue ultimatums that cannot be reasonably met within the 60 day period. Like change of printer and KIEMS kit supplier. Sourcing kits from another supplier other than Morpho would alone take many months if not years.
  3. Once demands are not met, cause anarchy and chaos.
  4. If election is not held within 60 days, have lawyers on standby to go to court on day 61 for a caretaker government.

Jubilee script should be equally simple.

  1. Insist election be held on Oct 17.
  2. Ensure elections are held on Oct 17.
  3. Squeeze the balls of any IEBC staff working against holding election on Oct 17. If possible, squeeze their families’ balls too.
  4. Take a script on how Michuki fought Mungiki. Raila’s private militia must be tracked, and picked up one by one at night. This time round, ensure the bodies will not start floating at the lake after a few days.
  5. For permanent long lasting effects, ensure that the the militia is totally crashed.

There is a time for laughing and a time for showing who’s in charge.
Daylight civilian coup will and should not be allowed to happen.

Once this political season is over, between 2018 and 2022, take care of the warmonger once and for all. We cannot live with a demon that re-appears every 5 years threatening to throw the country into a civil war.
Ocult members will cry for 1 week and move on to look for another god to worship.


“Raila’s private militia must be tracked, and picked up one by one at night.”:smiley:
Pewa kitu …Umeogea kama wazee ishirini
We had this conversation last night and we were wondering what jubilee is waiting for…a bell perhaps?:rolleyes:
The ring leaders of those milita are known and are thugs who can be picked up for a myriad of reasons, they should start disappearing one by one in the areas they are most likely to cause chaos like kibera , mathare and embakasi.
Once those areas are contained they can focus on other strongholds…Its time for real politik:D