Kiembeni Murders: update

Police have arrested one suspect behind the murder of two Swiss nationals – Werner Borner Paul and Marrianne Borner – in Mombasa.

Kisauni police boss Christopher Rotich says two other suspects, a caretaker and night guard, are on the run.

Rotich says the elderly couple was murdered in their home in Nyali estate where they had lived for more than 20 years.

“They are retirees who had built their home within Links Road in Nyali where they were attacked and murdered on Saturday night.” said Rotich.

He says they two landed at the Moi international airport on Saturday night and were accosted as they entered their compound by people suspected to be workers and a hired hit squad.

Their bodies were dumped by the roadside within Kiembeni area using their own car.

A team of forensic detectives visited the home and dusted the vehicle that had blood stains.

It’s believed the two had cash on their return from Switzerland.

Police say it was an inside job planned and executed by workers and hired goons.

Detectives have launched a manhunt for the workers. The gardener who is being treated as a prime suspect had lived with the two for more than 10 years.


Watajua hawajui. :mad: :mad: :mad:

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Nimesema na nitasema; the average nigga has the IQ of a constipated baboon. So you kill two people, use THEIR OWN CAR to dump their bodies, AND YOU DON’T EVEN BOTHER WASHING OFF THE BLOODSTAINS. Then you return the car to its parking (hata ku-dump huko inje for deniability hawawezi).

I won’t be surprised if the caretaker and guard are found ‘hiding’ at their rural homes - kama wale G4S who steal billions wanaenda kujificha kwa mama zao…with their phones off eti wasipatikane.


I totally agree with you 300%

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Mafala wamejitafutia kinyonga. Probably cannot even get 100 km from the scene, as small-minded as they are.


They were too lazy to drag the bodies into the nearby bamburi animal park


Better to be dim eyed than dim brained…


Hehe…nilisema jana hii place itawekwa upside down inside out. That was just cruel. Wa kwanza atasema wengine

Once a neighbour was attacked and his family chopped wakaiba simu …a sagem na mia tatu. 300 shillings watu 12.


And all this because they wanted to probably sell off the nyali house


Links Road? And the ocean is like how far from there?

Stupid n lazy. Ndugu zetu hawa wa Mombasani. Then you hear names like Kazungu,Katana etc etc being bandied around. Hopeless.


Some truth in that, who would have known? Its not like wako na inlaws and phony neighbours wataulizia wako wapi. If you have been to nyali the privacy there is something else.

Its how you look at it…could be non coasterians…coz wanaogopa bahari.

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That comment was informed by precedents. No hating whatsoever
I Mombasa,when these things happen it is always the Katanas n the like who are culprits.
In Nairobi,when such things happen to elderly Wahindis,you hear names from Western being mentioned as culprits.

There is some truth in that too…hawa beach boys huwa wana angle mzungu atawacha nini.

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Ive seen enough such cases. But its usually too simplistic that I always think its cops or someone powerful who needs their land do it and then set up the poor help.

Wahindis really mistreat workers. I hear they don’t even flush the loo for themselves!