Kids Petrol-Powered Ride-on cars from China

Fellow Business minds,
During a recent visit to shaina, I came across petrol-powered toys with an engine of 150cc. I found these to be ideal for kids 5-14 yrs, and wished my parents could have bought me such. I plan to buy my children one, and if possible, start importing them for business. The CIF Mombasa is approx 20K, so with all duties, it would be like 35K. My questions:
[li]Are there any restrictions regarding importing such to kenya? If not, what taxes/duties apply?[/li][li]Would you buy such for your kid for 50K?[/li][/ol]


Honestly i’d rather buy my kid a quad-bike. But the cars look decent, they would still sell

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So old monk you wont buy clothes for your kids watengeze za ngozi to encourage innovation


Kweli nyani ni nyani…

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Nice views.
So you would buy a quad-bike for 50K @nairobilay ?
@ol monk, would you buy your kid a ball, ama utamnunulia polythene na uzi atengeneze yake?

Hehe unanikumbusha tukiwa wadogo tukitoka chuo , route yetu ilikuwa through UON kabete campus. . tuliokota dumped unused condoms tukaanza kupuliza kama balloon tukiendea home . Ile kichapo nilipata stawai sahau . Iyo ndio siku yangu ya kwanza kujua jina rubber Johnny

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hehe hizo condoms we used to take them out of the wrapings and roll them to their maximum length and get shocked at the kind of arsenal older guyz were carrying between their legs


And most likely he will wreck the toy within a month

Brand new, i would. Considering that those battery powered cars you see at nakumatt go for around 30k, i think 50k for a quadbike is fair.

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Well, from my assessment of the toy, it is not easy to wreck it, unless the kid is very determined. For one, the maximum speed is like 20kph, and second, the bumper is rubber, which bounces once you hit a hard surface. Unless the kid spoils the radio/mp3 player inside the drivers cabin.

. Fixed


i swear you will get suspended untill 3015


@ol monk you were a new villager Jana.

I wouldn’t put my kid alone in anything going 20kph to be honest. But what do I know.

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@aviator ati recent visit to China ama hekaya


sasa ulichapiwa nini? us parents fail at times.

I visited China through Alibaba, but I had a chance to ride the cars.

Sisi we used them to make zile balls za juala. Kable gane ianze wangeangalia makucha. Kama zako ni refu haungecheza. Kids too got code of conduct

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Hehe memories

Looks like they would be good for a recreational facility IMO.