Kidole Ile kubwa church

Former presidential aspirant Quincy Timberlake and his wife Esther Arunga told the Australian Immigration department that they lived in a cave in Kenya, where they gave their son paracetamol so that his cries would not alert the authorities or attract wild animals.

People are so desperate to gain residency in foreign nations that they will say anything to help themselves in their quest to stay a little longer. Sad

They had a church in a cave, with that former music teacher @first park land avenue


:D:D:D:D…they know jungus will believe them coz they believe africa is a shaithole :D:D


Ma ghasia kabisa hawa wenzetu :D:D:D

Its good that they believe that Africa is a shithole continent because it is true. its about time sisi kama wafrika we confront the bitter truth.

I still would like to bang Esther. Si karudi tu Kenya kachukue job ya Maribe?

Umemalizana na maribe?