Kidole cha Kati Nyuma (Fisi's dont Bow)

The first day i lay my eyes on her, i fell in love immediately. She was a tall, lean Kale lady, with a Mwanya in between her front teeth. Her complexion check. Her beauty Out of this world.

We first met along one of the pavement paths in college;I was heading south and she was coming from that direction. That’s when I first saw her. Our eyes met and looking into her eyes felt like a sting that left me with some shock effect. I immediately noticed her very neat small dreads laced with some beads that gave her a bad girl look. She had worn some combat like shorts and a very nice hippy vest and for shoes, she had soldier like fancy boots .Oh my…she had this intimidating, very bad and nasty girl aura with her and you couldn’t help but notice her and fall in love with her immediately. She had started becoming the talk of college boys but none had mustered the courage to approach her.

Those are the ones I like. those that stand out from crowds.those are my type of girls and the thrill of vibing such really gets my juices flowing. Those that appear like a challenge, i’m sure some of you understand. Normal is Boring. Ordinary is boring. I do exceptional and that’s just me.

Backed by my Fisi instincts and ultra fisi skills,I devised ways and means to land my target and before long I had gotten to know her, hang out with her and make her desire me.

Fisi Rule No. 1 is - Its forbidden to fall for your target, (you can be attracted but don’t fall - it will throw off your game)
Fisi rule No.2 - Make her fall for you. Not with your money, class, thing bla bla nooo… With your essence. Bring down walls and boundaries and appeal to her core to see your core and desire you.(Easy to pull off for a short time, dont prolong that. cash in before it fades, make sure you DF in this stage so that when she comes to see the other core of you later, you will already have DF’d her.

I digress. Back to my Kale girl.

She was also as intriguing as she looked. We had fun, laughed, she kept surprising me with her persona. And we became closer and closer to a point i almost broke Fisi rule No 1.On realialising that default, i decided to cash in and convert the relation to a sexual one quickly before throwing of my game. So i invite her over to my hostel, cook for her etc etc katiaing moves and finally we find our selves locked in each others arms exchanging saliva. Oh what sweet lips… This girl!! Oh My… This one was messing up with my Fisi status.
So she goes down on me and starts giving me a BJ. Oooh Heavenly. Hadn’t experienced one like that before. Should be the way she softly sucked or something i dont understand but i found myself closing my eyes enjoying.(Fisis dont close their eyes kissing or Bjing or any other sh*- Fisi rule No.3 broken)

Just when i thought this was the best Bj ever, she pulls one from her genius archives. She pauses sucking D, looks deep into my eyes and sucks her middle finger and then goes back to sucking D. Kufumba kufumbua, the licked finger is slipped into my Ass and my Fisi radar goes off the hook. What the F??? A finger in my ass?

Hiyo ingine baadae

HOYA…Kales cant BJ somebody.

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You think…
wewe unajua tu wakale wa ocha…

KEBS threshold not met direct nomination for HOYA

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Asubuhi asubuhi na …


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hiyo picha ya mkorea ni ya huyo mkale

hehe…sasa hamwezi ambiwa stori mridhike?! kwani ni mimi nilijieka? :D:D

ni baridi inasumbua …

You think…

Wewe umezoea wakale wa ocha wewe… I forgive you

Wacha tu …niko kikombe ya tatu ya kahawa

Usizoee sana madam. Ile siku utawacha, utakuwa na the PMS moods of 50 Margaret Thatchers. Or 2 Female Perspective’s.


:smiley: sawaz

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I have never laid a Kale come to think of it

Wakanyama come and hear this. He had a finger shoved up his ass and he liked it. What if it was something bigger?


How sure are we that it was not something bigger?

Why is this shit explicit??

Coz it’s all about shit.

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