Kidero the looter in chief

According to Sonko in 15 days NCG has collected 532 million seems Kidero was in a looting spree during his term his new car collection ni chumvi kwa kidonda everybody knows 786 is in all his number plates evidence iko hapo chini alafu Jakuon promises atamaliza ufisadi hii ujinga hatutaki akasafishe macho na Glady Wanga RWNBP

What’s the significance of that number?

I think Kidero meant well for the city, but, the powers be frustrated him. The central government set him to fail, and once he realised, thay all odds were against him. He decided it was time to eat

I can’t agree, even completing even a single project?

Alikataa unsolicited kickbacks from shadowy figures, and they were like sawa boss…

Kidero meant well for his pockets and his family.
For 5 years he went on an apartment buying and building spree. God knows how much money he has stashed overseas.

If Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko, is gonna succeed in transforming Nairobi, it will be because He has the full support of the central Government.
Do you Guys, think Kidero had this support ? Under no circumstances, would Jubilee have let Gov. Kidero Shine, then hand gim another 5 years.
They was a time, a building collapsed, i think it was in eastlands, and kidero embarked on, the process of demolishing buildings that did not meet the standards.
Mt. Kenya MPs ganged up and made it hard for Kidero to do his work, the whole issue took a tribal turn.
Kidero, aliulizwa, unataka kumbomoa za wenyewe na watu wenyu hawajanjenga hapa Nairobi.

When “Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim” (In the name of Allah, the most Merciful, the most Beneficient) converted to Abjad numerals, the sum appears as 786. People uses this number as “Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim”.

Kidero is not a politician. He is a corporate mercenary. How Nairobians decided to elect someone with a history of looting Mumias to the core is beyond me.

Ata kama ni excuses, this is just too much. You mean to tell me that tge central government also frustrated his garbage collection efforts? Mike sonko, even with his own funds started the sonko rescue team which has been running parallel to the city council.
Kidero did nothing…zilch…nada. Kidero was a scurge upon the city. He is one person who ought to be shot or hanged at Uhuru Park. At least other governors steal and also work at the same time. Yeye ni kuiba tu kila kitu hadi sahani na vijiko za Nairobi…ptuuuuu!!!

Good effort by Sonko, but will he sustain this transparency? Uyu jama huwa broker na con artist mkubwa. At some point he will realise hii pesa si ya mama ya mtu

I am wondering the same. why excuse his looting and blame it on central government? did central government also set him up at Mumias? he is a thief through and through and not even an intelligent one who milks the cow and leave it to produce some more milk tomorrow. this one is too greedy and eats the cow without a care for tomorrow.

In early days Kidero was very close to Jubilee and was threatening the Odinga hold on Luos in Nyanza. No one knows for sure what babuon did to tame him and make him toe the Odinga line.

How one justifies Sonko is beyond me. I am not saying Kidero was a saint either. Only difference is Sonko admits he is a crook. What vision does anyone see in Sonko related to urban planning? Urban planning is extremely challenging. It takes a whole government to plan a city let alone one person(or two). Kidero came in with a good intention. Within days he realized all the bylaws and systems he was going to have to change were impossible. On top of weak enforcement on his compromised personnel. So he joined the thiefing ranks.

poor saint kidero. please tell us who compromised his mumias stint. as for sonko, atleast Nairobi is getting cleaner. Kidero was slowly turning it into a dumpsite

I wouldnt know. But in an interview, he said Mumias was profitable in his time there. And he left it several billions in profit, in the blue. Even a dog would make the city cleaner.

thats a lie. it is during his time cartels were importing sugar and repackaging it as mumias. if even a dog can clean the city, what does that make kidero? worse than a dog?

Yes he is worse than a dog. But I told you I dont know much about Kidero or his time at Mumias. I am just going by what he said.

That’s what am saying. Another thing, for Nairobi to function like a modern city, it will require,taking back all the grabbed land, this is where the central government comes in. So, is sonko up to the task.

He stole borrowed 300 million from mumias then “lent” it to babuon! :rolleyes: Mumias has never been a bank and the money has never been returned:rolleyes::rolleyes: