Kick Ass Torrent Seized. was seized by the .SO registry who also blacklisted the scam site, which is not affiliated with the KAT team. It is likely that the registry acted following a complaint from copyright holders although this hasn’t been officially confirmed yet.

Previously The Pirate Bay lost several of its domain names, including and and, after similar complaints.

TF asked the .So registry for a comment on the situation but we have yet to receive a reply.

To evade law enforcement and ease pressure from the entertainment industries, KAT has moved domain on a few occasions over the past several years. Most recently the site has been operating from the domain.

The Somalian .so TLD appeared to be a relatively safe haven, but today it’s apparent that this isn’t the case. About an hour ago the domain status listing was updated to “banned.”
While KickassTorrents is down for the moment, it is expected that the site will move its operation to a new domain name later today, or revert back to

Hehe, vita imeanza @highschooler ulikuwa unasema nini, ati sijui hawaezi patwa?

Hizi jamaa zinakaa zimeamua ni war sasa.

The Somali registry was seen as a safe haven for the site, away from copyright holders and their lawyers, but it appears the takedown was a result of a claim. Several other sites with a .so domain, including the unaffiliated scam site, have also been taken down, which indicates a far-reaching block on any URL with “kickass” in it that is based in the country.

The heck! Wanajaribu kuinterfere na raha zetu.

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kickass najua watapata domain teke teke

Stop calling ot a scam, dafuk! The best public torrent community online there is.

katproxy pap. greedy fucking corporates. already wanamake pesa so they should let things be for us mahasora. mimi sijawai buy software/game. hii nairobi niliona windows xp sometime back ikiuzwa 12k nikajua baaas…#pirate4life. now enjoying ACU courtesy of katproxy imerudishwa… they had to change the domain from (.so) to (.to)

Domain name ndio ilikuwa seized n sio site mzima… Ama kizungu shida kwako?

That’s gud news kam bado iko alive and kicking. Nilikuwa nimeshtuka sana.

What Kickass didn’t realize is that while Somalia is a lawless backwater, the dot-so registry backend is run by Japanese company GMO Registry.

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