Each family has a notorious kid and in mine i was that kid.I could actually bully my twin bro whenever i got a chance even when i knew well my mom will give me proper ones in the evening ati ‘nilichapa mtoto’.Mtoto mgani surely? We are agemates for Pete’s sake and if anything he is a boy he should stand up for himself. Well one day he did just that and put me in my position.
I must have been too busy with my daily mischiefs to realise the boy had now grow some muscles.Nilipewa kichapo heshima ikadumu mpaka leo.That aside.
Coming from a polygamous family my dad always wanted his kids to grow up together so he did ‘kids swapping’. Wengine waende huku wengine wabaki hapa.The hardcore ones definitely end up being ‘donated’ to their other mom and you are right this naughty girl could not miss in the list of donation. Nikadeportiwa to my other mom.
What i forgot is my mom is soft and this other one is moto wa kuotea mbali.Nikapeleka kiherehere huko.This particular day she left beans boiling akaniambia nisongeze moto akirudi apate imeiva.You all know am a genius, nilisunda kuni kwa iyo moto to last for as long as i will be out playing with my friends.Killing two birds with a single stone right??
I forgot to tell you the kitchen was made of a tent.You know zile tent nzito za red cross my dad had ‘stolen’ that one from work and he made us a temporary kitchen.
You should have seen me look like an IDP when i came back from playing and found the whole ‘kitchen’ down.Ile tu kichapo nilipewa aki.No beans to eat and no kitchen to cook other beans.It was not easy

Tena its not your grandmother who brought you up?
Tena you are a girl?

Pssstt …you used the wrong account instead of @GeorginaMakena account

I wonder!

Tena una twin bro na previous hekayas you were all alone growing up in grandpas backyard?

Still a liar- Wahu

acknowledge source! ama umekuwa shemale overnight? meffi

Kumbe we ni jana jike

Hehe! Bhangi zimepanda

I wandered that too

ngoja @introvert akuje na ile mbuzi yake ya osungu.dll

Leo ni Terrific Turumsticks…


simply put, you are a wanderer


Story za huyu mjamaa zinaconfuse.

Uwesmake atafurahi akiskia hivyo

So all this time all the gibberish you have been feeding talkers is nonsense?


hehe izo makeshift kitchens zimechoma several mamas i know, kwanza huanguka jua ikishoma na wind inablow… then moto iko mofire. Utapata ata sufuria ni Jivu heheh