Kibor sons lose bid to block him from land

Yesterday I advised a fellow young man here that having kids and/or a wife does not guarantee that he will be taken care of when he is old and sickly. I further explained to him that kids can even fight for your possessions when you are still alive

Binadamu ni binadamu.

If you read the laws of human nature you will understand.
Humans will always put their interests first and that includes your wife and kids.
Nobody is special.

If your wife or kid sees that there is no reward for taking care of you when you get old and fragile, they will be nowhere to be found and you will be a lonely old bastard.

But if you’re rich, they will flock around you.
Some fighting for your property before you die, and others playing nice so you can include them in the will.

It’s called human nature and you can’t change it no matter how much you hate it.

This is beyond sad. Can he disinherit them legally and cut them out kabisa? Yenyewe are living in dangerous times. Kwetu Kiambu ni sob stories all over the ridges. Sons praying that their fathers would pass on pretty quickly wauze mashamba. The other side of the story is that some of these wazees sold prime land for a song and drunk all the money and died leaving their sons with no money and no land. Pathetic.

That’s culturally induced behavior. The Japanese and Koreans would never do that to their elders. They show extreme reverence for parents.

Hii upuss waafrika wameadopt juzi juzi tu. What you call human nature can be nipped in the bud by punitive and dissuasive social sanctions found in our respective tribal cultures.

Those two societies are dysfunctional in some ways. They just know how to save face better.

Nani amekuambia? Japanese elders are some of the loneliest people in the world. Wanakufia kwa nyumba pekee yako.

It’s not just an African thing.
Ata wazungus ndio worse juu wanatuma wazazi wao nursing homes wakizeeka.
They see it as a burden to take care of them 24/7.

I’d disinherit the ingrates at the speed of greased lightning… Preferably start selling property

The ghosts of 2007 will continue visiting him until he goes to the grave.

Unasema nini wewe. In the feudal ages these people would slaughter their own parents just for a chance at power.

Most jungus have no choice. They can’t afford to quit their jobs and look after old sick relatives 24/7. The money ed ones pay for live in carers. They hate taking their parents to care homes and really cry and get depressed about it.

True. Totally agree with you.

Crimes such as parricide were always considered to be one of the ten abominations in not only imperial China, but also in the larger Japanese and Korean peninsula. I think you meant to say the Ottoman empire because those sick Turks sanctioned such behavior.

A few bad apples do not necessarily reflect the rest, the Bushido culture is art to some and so they emulate it in all they do.

There are truly decent beings out there, but the greedier ones raise more clamor hence more attention.

Hehehe. Be honest, have you considered that?

Wanunue nduthi 150cc

Yes and I am staying here till the end. I pay my taxes here so why not benefit? growing old here is nowhere the same as growing old in Kenya. At least the local authorities will come and take me for free medical care, pay a carer to mind me till I go to a nursing home, take me for fun activities like bingo and trips to the beach with others…above all my kids are here and this lot have no plans of moving back to our motherland. My nephews tell us there is no difference between moving them to Kenya or China.
They don’t understand our culture.

Ama wakunywee.

Male kids are the worst when it comes to taking care of older parents. Especially old fathers. If you have a daughter, you may get a visit or two from them in old age. In nursing homes, the general joke is that you can tell which resident has male kids by the number of ill fitting shirts and pants they dress in. Their sons only come in to have a check endorsed or during a grand child’s birthday

Good story madam @Finest wine ,but as afather you have no obligation to leave your kids anything apart from education. Since you are in the UK kindly enlighten me. I hear that once kids go off to college they begin to work for themselves and look for their own assets there. Here in Kenya you find 40 year olds always crying about their Parents Assets.

Yes as long as you are working and you live with your parents you pay something towards the bills. But there are also v many inheritors stories. Even your childless aunt can give you money or leave you her house etc. Wanajua kujipanga sana and most of them have wills.
And of course they can decide to leave you with nothing and give all the money to charity. BTW hakuna cha kusema you have not found a job yet bla de bla. Enda job centre and get a weekly job seekers allowance na pia hiyo upatie wazai hata kama ni 15 pounds.
And it is v important to move out of home as soon as you can.