This mzee of 89yrs divorced his 30 plus years of marriage wife. Who is languishing as his fourth wife lives in opulence. The man has even disowned his firstborn dota ati he will only accept her after DNA tests? And yet its women who aint loyal? Even if you want a younger woman bcz you have alot of money. Why neglect your other families and even disown your own kids? Is it kuwekewa kamute? Reminds me of the other mzee who was even imprisoned in his home by his third wife who was paying for kamute 100k a week from a mganga wa TZ. Men are very weak. Isn’t it obvious that a much younger woman is only after your estate esp if you are old and waiting for you to die for her to inherit as your loyal wife and kids languish ! Bure kabisa!

I laughed when I heard that one of his reasons was denial of conjugal rights

reach wife, kiMBORO amefanya nini mimi sielewi?

Your opinion is like an anus. Everyone has one so jitombe.

Bibi mkubwa anaita mzee bt yye anataka kuitwa baby not Mzee…

here is the reason why…

I have never understood why she is so obsessed with others peoples’ lives and relationships.

Effects of not having adequate sex.


Huyo nyanya hana hata meno si atakufa kwa conjugals?

Nimeskia 4th wife akisema she calls him bae. The geezer started blushing kusikia hayo.

Wacha nikublock so that I wont have to be obsessed with your asinine comments. Wen did you get shares in my mind so that you need to understand my obsessions. Mushenzi goodbye!

Mukenye ndûmia kîîno :wink:


They married even before independence so it is over 50 years of Marriage. The main reason is that she was blocking him from selling his land. Watu wa Eldoret will tell you that Kibor is very proud and arrogant. He is also very rich. He is a man who defied Moi in the KANU years and was a Raila diehard when Ruto had formed URP. He goes to see Ruto bila appointment. He still drives himself.

Mzee amesema atapea bibi 10 acres na amjenge nyumba waishi kama majirani.

Watoto waombe mzee msamaha so kutumia mahakama kutesa baba yao. Kwanza ukishapita 18 hufai kudai babako chochote. The lady is over 50 years old bado no kudai Mali ya mzee.

That is a sign of disrespect.They should work hard and get their own property.Not by forcing their father to give them his property if he doesn’t want to.

Naskia amejaribu kuwasaidia anawapa shamba ananunua matractor vijana wanamlet down. Kuwa na pesa at times watoto hukuonyesha mambo

I’ll comment kesho nkiamka

They do that because it’s not their money they are using to buy those things.They don’t know the struggles someone goes through to get money.Wacha wakauke.

People are blaming the old man lakini mpaka kuwe na vituko huyo mnyanye amemwonyesha.