Kibicho is Uhuru and Uhuru is Kibicho

Why has Uhuru not sacked this guy despite undermining his principal assistant… The deputy president and the mps several times.? This guy is working authoritativelu under the direct instructions of President and President is just acting as if he doesn’t know. I refuse to believe this person is doing it alone…

all government heads in democratic spaces need such craftsmen…

Kwani umesahau relationship ya total man na baba giddy ,my fren

ubako had kimemia?

Yaani it took you such a long time to know he has instructions from the president to frustrate Ruto?

Do tell how he frustrates the Deputy President.

He has been withdrawing County commissioners and security officials from DP Ruto function and funding the anti Ruto movement in central such as kieleweke

I believe Kibicho is getting instructions from the “Matriarch” si mnajua ikifika hapo Uhuru hana-say.

Mr. karanja kibicho even orders Dr. matiangi around … he’s the eagles eye in matters of security perhaps first in command in that field. He takes direct notice from Konyagi as well as proposing the way forward to him…! Respect

last year yule mbugua of EALA nakumbuka akisema kibicho offed nkaiserry

His office is extremely powerful but hapo of saying that he orders matiangi around sijui.

ps interior normally wields more power than his bosss

He killed his superior? Thats interesting, i would think that as a CS of interior which is probably one of the most powerful ministries on the land you will have all matter of intelligence on who your enemy is.

yes I said it , it’s the facts

Kibicho ni version ya Heinrich Himmler kabisa

Both Uhuru and Kibicho receive orders from above

His supeior according to rank but real power lies with the ps

Karanja Kibicho is incharge of intelligence wing at the interior ministry.

by your logic, the head of NIS is the ruler of the country.
Huyu kibicho ata sijui vile anakaa. sijui nini amefanya kubwa saana. just :meffi::meffi: mysticism and obsession with an obscure civil servant that probably has a bloated ego.

same with matiang’i. they are puppets. shida ya kenyans they are used to seeing the puppet, they don’t know there is a puppeteer behind it