KIBERA situation update

[ATTACH=full]7840[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]7841[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]7842[/ATTACH] KIBERA situation quite violent and volatile. Please avoid, including surrounding areas. Ambulances and fire engines en route

The major road entering Kibera blocked by anti-waiguru demonstrators. All NYS projects have been set ablaze.

Reportedly demonstrators have demolished toilets built for them by NYS & burnt down Kamukunji clinic in Kibera

hapo ndio ujinga ya watu imefikisha kenya

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Some people are unbelievable. How does a clinic or toilets offend them?

hehe watu wa kibera ni mafala kweli, mnajengewa choo na clinic mnachoma kweli nugu ni nugu tu

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today I won’t be afraid of being called ellitist, kuna parallels btw. ujinga na kusota

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Na kesho watalia ati … oh! Serikali saidia … Ati oh! Sijui nini oh! I say let them dumb people burn themselves to death for all I care.

The heck is wrong with them! Facilities built to help them and now they are destroying them. Sasa akina mama na watoto wenye wangesaidika na clinic itabidi watembee coz of some foolish youth. Siasa ni mbaya haswa kwa majuha kama hao.

What would it cost to ‘close down’ that slum completely na kila mtu afukuzwe kabisa? Too much ‘democracy’ is dangerous IMO.


Not that easy.

I didn’t say it is. Cordon off the place and give an ultimatum for people to vacate. If they don’t, eject by force (M.O-1 frequently did this in the days of Nairobi City Commission which was once led by none other than Gumo. One such image of him supervising a slum demolition is etched in my mind).

Once they vacate, demolish everything then rebuild it and upgrade all services and amenities before resettling conditionally.

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Slums are owned and run by cartels, and obviously some of these big people had run out of business since the NYS project materialized.
Has it ever crossed your mind that the owner of the well-polished house in the city you call home is a slum dweller? Anyway, that is a story for another day but maybe the slum tycoons have utilized the ongoing corruption standoff to sneak back the status quo



I always wonder why kamwana bothers with those idiots yet they will never vote for him… Our Kenol Murang’a, Kiriaini Road is just pathetic and yet he expects us to vote for him to every man/woman…


You are the only one who pays taxes in Kenya? Luckily, he doesn’t get his advice from you.


Whoever said Ujaluo ni gharama was right… Look at what the smegma carrying dimwits have done to themselves, halafu kesho usikie ati serikal saidia… Hao hata niliwafukuza wote kwa nyumba zangu juu ya upuzi wa aina hii, ni wachafu, kazi kuharibu nyumba na mazingira halafu wakatae kulipa rent, I released my Mungiki connect on their lakeside asses… Wanafaa kufukuzwa wote huko Kibera.


Yeah. That will be very great for Kenya right? I bet Mungiki kills only Luos.

You can never build toilets for people. This is not Mao’s China or some other communist dictatorship. Toilets are a fundamental component of a functional home. A sensible action is a step towards stopping expansion of the slum. Improvement of economic situation for that section of poulation will make it possible to reduce and eventually eliminate or upgrade the slum within a capitalistic approach. Sasa you people are suggesting that these people’s votes should be based on a public toilet? Do those niggas seem wiser than some here? These people should always rely on government to build and maintain toilets for them? Dont you pay and maintain your own toilet? Ama people think kibera guys wouldnt want to shit in a clean white private toilet and flush?

Everyone is using kibera people, including the government, which suggets that the most lacking element in these people’s lives is a toilet and and stupid clinic. Not a full fledged hospital, but a clinic.
The fact is that no one is bold enough to approach the real problem with substandard housing and living standards there, which is actually economic. Everyone just wants votes. Building a toilet for someone makes them even poorer. Public toilets can be built in the spirit they are built with everywhere though.


Well,well…come down! The toilets and the clinic is a mere stepping stone for the government to improve their living and economic standards. They had to start somewhere,right?These people have saved over 100m which will be disbursed to the members as business loans…improving lives, of course with the ripple effect their living and economic status are bound to improve…What did Raila do for them? Nothing!


All this has nothing to do with corruption allegations against my cousin Ann. Like someone correctly pointed, the slum’s state benefits so many people such that any effort to improve it is seen as killing the goose. Think of the guy/cartel that runs the washroom business. Think of the cartel that runs the clinics. Alafu waiguru awamwagie unga? Never.

A solution for the slum menace is to totally and completely ignore it. Ban any govt and NGO activities. Toa lines za stima and burn down the boosters for Mobile networks. Block all drainage there and direct all Nairobi sewage in that direction.

Then experiment what some biological weapon can achieve with the residents as the specimen.


Still…not easy! Where will they relocate to, Kisumu? I doubt! We need this people, God knows some of us can’t survive without them…So upgrading and resettling is impossible! We need to empower them in order to upgrade the slum…