Kenyans seriously need to realize what a national leader that this enigma is.

Chieth gweno

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I would vote for Raila whole heartedly if his supporters had a little civility. But judging from what I saw in 2007 when some of them refused to pay rent ati because their supposed ‘father’ was about to assume power, I still maintain RWNEBP.

I was pro-Raila in 2007. Same thing changed my mind. #RWNEBP

M7 anyakue Kenya kisha aendeleshe presidency ata huku. We aren’t mature enough for real democracy.

What they never say is that Raila had just signed an MOU just 10 minutes earlier with Simeon Nyachae to run for the 2002 presidency. As Raila was leaving the Serena Hotel he saw the large crowd heading to Uhuru Park for the Kibaki rally and akakimbia kusema ‘Kibaki Tosha’. Thats why nobody trusts Raila. He could betray you in a swift moment.

The videos attached below are from 1997 presidential elections where Raila had requested Moi to step down for a caretaker government awaiting elections. In the other video, he makes a speech rejecting the results. A clear script he has followed in 2017.

This is a tired and over-used line so dont use it to justify your bigotry, conformity and loyalty to a murderous and corrupt regime. Save these sentiments for your conscience.

Lies,Lies and more lies. Raila was already more succesful politically than Nyachae,he wasnt that dumb to back him when he knew Nyachae stood no chance.

Are you seriously still pushing that propaganda right now?

know your history. The following are sources you can check

Inakaa hakuanza kuimba ‘kimeibiwo’ jana.



Bondo Express…

Sweep ya facts and sources. Huyo jamaa hupeddle fake news and cheap propaganda na fujo to scare readers into believing him. Raila at that time ended up with three mou’s. He had an mou with moi before uhunye and ruto threw a cat among the pegions, then nyachae was waiting for him at intercon, finally akakunja mkia and joined the two men and one woman he spent his time in kanu disparaging asking how two men can have coffee with one woman, the three were kibaki, wamalwa and ngilu

Hehehehe… There is not comeback for this reply.

Anyone worth their salt knows what happened! Rocking chair did not endorse Kibaki. He asked a very clear question. “all of these candidates sii ata Kibaki anatosha” ! Kawaida ya kuropokwa.

Looks like I’m not alone

1.I see you went all in googling “MOU,Raila and Nyachae”

2.What you dont know is that the 2006 article was written by long serving Raila aide Dennis Onyango so it serves no purpose in supporting your lies.The existence of the alliance was public knowledge and so was the KANU-TINGA one or the short-lived Kalonzo-Raila one in 2007,or the G7 in 2012,or the Mudavadi-Uhuruto one in 2012. Political unions are all about expediency and this one was no different. Even Moi and Saitoti fell out after 12 Years of a close partnership. There are casualties and Nyachae understood. Raila Odinga just like all other politicians on his camp weighed both sides and realized that Kibaki was the stronger candidate and supported him over Nyachae.

3.You have cited a Herman Manyora article from the Star;end of story.