Khaligraph Outdid Drake On The Ojuelegba Refix

Thats the refix, tafuta remix yenye drake yuko and you’ll admit this guy is going places
of course you can’t close any discussion on khaligraph without mentioning this kling klang free style

Talk about being born in the wrong hood, huyu angezaliwa states angekuwa pale juu na akina kanye

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Khaligraph anajiamini sana

This freestyle of his is fire.


Kwa hizo ma remix za Ojuelegba, Skepta comes out on top! Many of these American rappers don’t get the rhythm and feel of ‘African’ like beats so their raps end up sounding wierd. There are a few exceptions though, like this Don Jazzy(Kidero) track feat Jay Electronica.

true on skepta

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Kenyan rap getting berrer.