Keyboads You May Try Out on Your Device

Once you get used to two finger swiping you’ll forget popular keyboard such as SwiftKey, Swype, Fleksy, Minimum, Touchpal, Crimson Keyboard etc.
Using two finger is so much faster especially with the bigger screens available.


iOS: the developer is awesome, I highly recommend buying.
Android:!c0BkwTpC!5CD9Y24dSkauSTM4NUUmNnuT8czfeDIgksJZj52DxTs this is the latest beta version. There a free and paid version on the play store. Developer doesn’t update as frequently as the iOS version.

The graphics are awesome, to save battery there’s a zen mode in settings. It’s feature packed but can be overwhelming for first time users.


Android only:

This and Nin are my daily drivers on android. Hasn’t been updated for a while but why fix something if it ain’t broken. The two finger swiping is a little different here.

Both come with tutorials to get you started.

Swahili is not yet supported (in both) but you may still peck type. Also try the ones I name dropped.