Key Cutting

Where can I buy a readymade key duplicate or make a copy?

I’m familiar with Chester House, CBD but unfortunately they closed down. At Yaya Centre,their duplicates don’t work, I suspect a faulty machine or the old employee!

WakUMBWA priss, your suggestions will be highly appreciated! Hata nudes nitatuma! Asande

Mercantile House Koinange st…or ask any of those guys with signs for making company stamps in town.

Now waiting for nudes

Uko na 3k?

Come to Msa on a working holiday and I’ll show show you somewhere to have your keys cur!

Hio key ya Otieno haikufungi mpaka kwa settings?.. Good move, have the prepuce ‘cut’ away

I read somewhere there’s a conference on investment going on at the Six Eighty. Are you planning to burgle their rooms when they are in the meeting halls?

These key-cutting guys are almost everywhere. No big deal finding them.

Baricho Road wamejaa

I guess you would be the hardest pink handle to catch slices from.
On the key issue just approach tule tuzee huzikata kwa street,they are good,don’t underrate them

tsavo road

Try Piranha along Mombasa road, opposite Panari.

Was to tell her the same

Readymade or cutting?

I’m the easiest lay here!! Best believe

Nyuma ya tuskies ya ronald ngala street not far from njogu-inī, penye sheikh karume street inaanza. Utaona sign ya key cutting

Ok…sitaki wao wazee! Where can I buy a readymade duplicate?

Wanawake wa kupoteza funguo aki. I can never trust them with keys and they give the most stupid explanations when they loose something. Ati nilikua nayo tu saai saai.

Next to the smoking zone on Koinange St kuna some guy who does it. Lakini hizi key cutting biz are almost everywhere nowadays. [SIZE=2]Ama kuna some other form of key cutting in FP’s trade? [/SIZE]

True, unahitaji kufunguliwa seriously not with duplicates

Assa Abloy Westlands, Alibhai Shariff Kijabe St. na the better hardware stores on River Rd. Mimi sitaki slices lakini nudes ni poa. Uligonga Msee wa wenyewe mchele?