Kevin's Heart

Niko na friend lets call him Kevin. Now Kevin stays with an uncle of his somewhere along Thika. Kevo ako campo,we are in the same uni and hood so we kinda became buddies. Now Kevin is a troubled soul. He cant find rest especially these past few days. Reason? Here it is.

Kevo started living with this his uncle in 2015 straight outta high school. Mambo ilikuanga tu sawa,you know everything was going on well then one day shit struck and it struck real bad. Around late last year,December hapo his aunt (the uncle’s wife) sent him some very arousing photos on whatsapp. By the way this is Kevin’s story,not mine. Just a REMINDER. These photos were really explicit,claims Kevo. They really disturbed him both emotionally and psychologically. Kevo being Kevo decided to confront his aunt about them photos and she was like it was a mistake ati she had intended to send them to his uncle but confused the numbers and instead sent them to him. He wasn’t convinced but he bought the story non the less. I mean how can you confuse your husbands number with that of his nephew? Can you? He didn’t delete the photos,kept them for his own reasons. One day,like two weeks ago the aunt’s phone ikaleta shida. Not knowing how to repair it akaambia Voke amsaidie. While ‘repairing’ the phone curiosity overpowered him and he decided to peruse the phone. You know gallery,messages,whatsapp. Udaku tu. Ile mtu anakupeanga simu yake lakini unaamua aai si acha nione vida zake kiasi ama picha. Hivo tu.

He tells me what he saw almost made his skin jump out of his body. Seriously aliniambia hivo. Kumbe the aunt is one generous lady. Anapeana kupeana mpaka to the their Priest. He could not believe it. Especially when he remembers uncle who is those rare faithful men. He (Kevo) couldn’t come to terms that his wife (the uncle’s) was promiscuous. So he decided to confront her again,privately not to raise any alarms from his uncle. She denied the alleggations like all Kenyans do. He produced the evidence. Apparently he took screenshots of the the messages and some photos and sent to himself. Genius eeh? She was cornered so what does she do? She offers to also give him some of what she offers generously. Kevo with his bigger head,the one with brain refuses but she pleads and pleads with him. She does not want her husband to find out,she says and tha she give it to him if he promises to shut up. To add salt to the cut,she claims she has always wanted him. That’s why she sent him those explicit photos.

As I type this,Kevin’s heart is at loggerheads with his head. The other head now,the smaller one without the brain. He cannot decide whether to tell his uncle or receive what he is being offered or do something else. The aunt is oozing hot guys. A 9.5/10,iyo .5 aliachia Lilian Muli thats why Kevo is stranded. Hajui afanye nini na mimi I can’t advice him. Me I will just tell him to do whatever he wants which won’t help him. So wadau,Kevo anaeza fanya nini kusema kweli. Help out a ninja na venye kuna baridi he might end up making a bad choice.


Kumanina wewe,nataka usaidizi sio matusi ningetaka matusi ningeambia mamako anigawie.


Tell your friend to look for his own house. For christ sake… whats wrong with kids nowadays?? I started hustling and living by myself at 18

My advice is you tell your friend alete evidence ya hii maneno aoshe sisi macho

Ambia Kevin akupatie some of those photos ulete hapa ndio we use them to come up with proper advice

Ambia kevo aendelee kufyeka his aunt because his nephew will also fuck his sister one day

It’s only after an analysis of the photos that a response can be issued.

[SIZE=3]Tunajua wewe ndio Kevin kwa hivyo leta mbisha [/SIZE]

whts wrong with xaxa generation…tel your frend to find a place of his own awachane na familia za wengine…he is doomed akikaa cz its either afinye vitu ama atawekelewa kiscandal

wanted to say the same

sparta mwiki alikuwa 19 yrs bila kusumbua mtu

Post evidence ama utembeze

yani kunguru inabribe mtu na coomer imepewa kila mtu smh, kwani anafikiria ni currency

bila picha hatutoi advais

tunajua wewe ndo Kevo. your justification for you not being kevo shows that you are.

anyway leta effidense na picha tuoshe mecho kwanza

Fyeka hiyo kitu kiyana …Kuma ni Kuma tu…

Tell him to be a man and look for a place to live, after he moves he should go and fuck his uncle’s wife there.
But he should not fuck her more than 3 to 4 times… otherwise he may get caught.

mwambie anyandue huyo aunt yake. By doing so he’ll become his own uncle…

Uliskia kitu ilifanyikia mtu na aunty yake huko city park juzi? Lukhwele (x3) Kevin Yesu akhulinde…

Of the billion or so women that abound and hungry for dick he still wants the low lying fruits? Ahame aache ujinga. Auntie yako is technically your mother… Ponder on that!!!