Kevin Hunter did not help Wendy Williams Career

The truth is coming out in Wendy Williams what a mess. So Kevin Hunter did not help Wendy Williams career. People who worked with Wendy, her bosses and her family and friends say Kevin was such a diva that after insulting management he was completely banned from the building. He would arrive 20 minutes late for very important meetings with Rolex watch to compensate. One day she confronted him, told him off and he broke her glass table with the watch. Then she moved to TV. The management say, Kevin was a nuisance but the management put up with him because of Wendy. He would grab her off the stage during rehearsals. He was interfering with her ability to perform. Management and her family could not understand why she was still with him.

He started an affair with his mistress Sharinda, 16 years before their divorce. Lived 9 miles from Wendy’s house. The stress was affecting Wendy’s work. Wendy would make deals then asking the other party to pretend that Kevin made the deal with them. They would pretend to cut a deal with Kevin Hunter then he would go home and tell her how he cut her a great deal. LOL. The things women do for love.After all the drama and divorce Wendy Williams got a star on the Hollywood walk of fame. Reserved for the best of the best. Amazing ending.

Please, please y’all go watch the documentary Wendy Williams what a mess. It’s such an eye opener.

Is this the mess of a lady that was addicted to coke. Chaos attracts chaos so apambane na hali yake.