Kethi Kilonzo


The Luo mass action is coming for you.

Hahaha, why me? They should go for Kethi Kilonzo, she is the one who said that.

those cavernous expanses between two ears? Anyone painting jaguok in a way they dont like is dealt with ruthlessly

kethi pia ni member wa open minded people ama?

You are a stupid hyena…humbwer!

"… the object of war is victory;not lenghty campaigns… "…no reforms no elections, ata tukimbadilishia diapers bado ataharia tu, am worried this thing is now affecting us individually , as in, when you read somebody is demanding for a bicycle when he is given a motorbike, man, if you don’t want peace for Kenya ata wewe huwezi pata amani kwako :mad::mad:

Bozokizo … haueleweki

Nasemaaa… Raira haeleweki vile wewe hunielewi…

@mukuna leo mko na plans gani

tunaanza odinga park, alafu tuingie cbd

Na upitie hapo kwa odinga park lake uoge kwanza

Dang! That forehead!!!


Yeye ni FBI (Fascia Board Institute).

I also heard Orengo rename Mama Ngina Park? in Msa to Mama Ida Park, damn!, these luo leaders are the greatest liability to the luo nation.
They are advancing their selfish interests at the expense of the poisoned and gullible young men.

All i see are people so courageous that they won’t be intimidated. People living like we have a new constitution. We are a free country…how some people think like we are in Uganda sijawai elewa.

Condinue expressing urself thru peaceful maandamanos, but at ur own risk. BTW Orengo and Jakuon are career activists, expect them to criticise a govt they are in if, God forbid, they’ll ever be in govt.

the second part of your comment is what i’m referring to as. that kind of activism is good for free Kenya. Keeps things in balance.

so in short RWNEBP?