Keter's Adventures
A combined photo of the man who was arrested at Central Bank and the real Madat Chatur (R). /COURTESY

Keter, however, said he had been set up by his political opponents to escalate his woes in the Jubilee party.

“I just came to assist you then you put me in your mess. Then why is the media here? This is a set up,” he said. His accomplices remained silent during the arrest.

Chatur Group denies link to man arrested alongside MP Keter in T-bills saga
[SIZE=4]How did Keter find himself ‘assisting’ fake directors? After a night of thinking, here is his latest version:

[SIZE=6]Alfred Keter says arrest over ‘forged’ T-bills an attempt to cover up CBK fraud[/SIZE][/SIZE]

He also seems to be caught up with Muhindis.

Kassin, If the CBK fraud story doesn’t work, he’s going to turn to have been conned by the muhindi. Keter is a weasel and expert conman in his own right and might just escaped jail time. But political he should be dead…


He was in this con, deep inside.

I think that he is find of selling his ‘influence’ pulling weight, dropping names, squeezing, the whole repertoire of tricks.

Sad to admit, but there’s a generation that was trained in ufisadi during the Moi years, and they gave rise to the collabo between politicians and crooked asians (Pattni, Kamani, etc.).

Keter is now a ‘victim’ cum whistle-blower.

He sounds like the guy calling shots nowdays on how organizations in the country are made.
very stupid guy and he should be jailed so that we can get peace and quiet, he is not a police officer or whatever law enforcement. He is paid to legislate only

Why does one need help to cash t-bills. He’s carrying us how? He was to influence the con and get his cut.

Classic influence peddling.

“In the statement he wrote from Muthaiga police cell, Keter said it is interesting that no one, including the police, seems interested in answering the questions he has raised on the matter.”

Since when did police answer to suspects?

Hii stori I will just watch from afar. Let me also wait and see if the war on corruption will move to other individuals and institutions.

:D:D:D he will play victim and claim that he’s been persecuted. Alafu media vile ni wajinga are also peddling the same narrative - that he’s paying for going against the president.

This is not a fight against corruption per se, Keter was just caught red handed in the act trying to defraud CBK. This is a criminal offense IMO.

Mwizi lazima ajaribu kwa vyovyote kuponyoka!

his was a criminal act and every time he opens his mouth, he continues to tie himself in knots.

Monologue :smiley:

What is interesting is how all opposition have embraced keter since he was arrested for attempted theft. Yaani if you steal and anti-government you immediately become the victim:D:D:D:D

Sasa utasikia people here giving excuses on his behalf:):):). Why didn’t they say that during Waiguru NYS scandal.

I always say all Kenyans are corrupt. The difference is being able to be honest to yourself and others. They had no problem when RAT, watermelon, wets and madvd were in government and stealing. Opposition is made up of the people who stole and build for themselves all their lives but they turn around to act as crusaders of corruption. Have you seen any of them complain that the lord of corruption wanjigi is financing them?

So let’s not pretend, corruption or no corruption. If you don’t support the government because your tribal chief is not part of it, its okay, just say so. However drop the pretend.

Good one!!

Alfred Keter bado ako jela? He should stay there without bail. Mwizi mkubwa yeye