The only recquirement to become an enemy of chupilee is to think for yourself,lack of sycophancy and speaking truth to power.

Kalenjins stand in solidarity with Hon.Keter

Nowadays detention without trial is fast becoming the norm

Complain jubilee is full of thieves.
Complain jubilee is very corrupt.
Complain no action is taken about the thieves and the corrupt.
A thief is caught attempting to defraud the government.
He’s placed in police custody and later arraigned in court.
Now the argument is changed.
It’s now a political witch hunt.
Why was Waiguru not arrested?
Why was Kabura not arrested?
There’s no idle moment in the shithole called Kenya where everyone has and must air their own opinion.

What is this obsession with keter??

Only problem for me is arrest without being arraigned in court. That is a sure way of being more of a shithole country than we currently are. we worked to hard to get off that shit during KANU era for us to slide back willingly.

Si amepelekwa court leo? If the gods conspire against you in that you get to be a guest of the state on a Friday, you will only get audience in court on Monday.

What about Miguna??? didn’t we have enough time for him to appear in court?

Breaking news

He’s the new propaganda tool…

You and who?


Now let’s continue with the useless arguments.
Why is the cash bail 2 million and NASA politicians get out with50,000?
This must be the work of jubilee intimidating the courts.

Me, Judge Kimaru and 40 million others.