keter has finally seen the light


He found himself on the wrong side of the law. Or wrong tribe. Or both.

No, he’s a wise opportunist who knows he cant survive without uliam. Si he used to sing a different tune before 2017 as well?

The moment nyayo died with all his sins, then finally the last last passage of leadership in RV could move to its rightful new leader. 90 days later at dawn DP Uncle Ruto become the new Orkoiyot and completed consolidation of all leadership in RV under him.

What this means is that all are obligated to follow him, I can even go as far as say whether they like it or not. However he long won the hearts and minds of the people anyway. Its now complete sacrilegious to even ran against him in RV. Keter knows that and he has said it mapema this time. Funny enough with the loads of politics in Nairobi, there is absolutely nothing politically ongoing in RV. Everyone knows there decision already, no need to campaign or make effort. Wanaona political news ya Nairobi kwa TV and listening to it kwa radio as if its from another country. All communities in RV will vote to a man for DP Uncle Ruto. The rest of the country is falling to that exact reality.

Moi - VP from 1967 - 1978 - 11 years
Moi - President from 1978 - 2002 - 24 years
William Ruto - Y2K (1992) - MP from 1997 - 2013 - 16 years
William Ruto - Deputy President from 2013 - to present (tenure ends in 2022) - 10 years

Kenyans for the most part are a really…ama wacha tu.

What on God’s green earth can Ruto and his Kaleos offer Kenya post 2022 that they could not have achieved in all those years? :oops:

Looting and more looting.

mimi kama ni Ruto hii ghassia naitoa mbio

Alfred Keter is just doing what Orengo and Anyang Nyongo did. Support the local heavyweight to survive in politics. Bright

Keter has been an opportunist and thief all his political life. Around election time he realises he has to align himself with Ruto (the bigger thief) to get re-elected. Those are Kenyan politicians for you, they believe in nothing apart from their stomachs. The other trash are the Sanis, the Langatkipros and the Spears, waiting on the sidelines to be carried like detritus to the feeding troughs using nothing but their mouths. Men who don’t hold anything dear and who have no modicum of shame, they are led by their stomachs. They believe in nothing and they will sell their country for 30 pieces of silver.

What about the likes of akina Murathe , Waititu, and other mandarins in the Mountains. All our leaders across the country are corrupt to the core

I agree with you fully. This tribe thing is a creation by these politicians to divide us. I strongly believe there is no tribalism in Kenya. The two tribes in Kenya are the Hyenas and the goats. Poor Kenyans are the goats.