The cash crisis facing Kenya’s second-largest beer maker Keroche Breweries has deepened after it defaulted on a tax repayment plan and ran into salary arrears by more than two months.

The Business Daily has learnt that trouble at the Naivasha-based brewer became apparent in December when it was shut down by officials of the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA), but the matter was quietly resolved during the festive season.

Last week, KRA officials were back to torment the brewer after it defaulted on an earlier agreed tax repayment plan in the latest chapter of its long-running battle with the taxman.

The firm’s boss Tabitha Karanja said that the cash flow challenges caused the two-month salary delay, but promised that the management team was working around the clock to settle the employees’ dues.

She dismissed claims by some of her employees that the salary arrears were now running into six months.

The firm, she said, had yet to fully recover from the ripple effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, three months after the containment measures were lifted, and it had to renegotiate its payment plan with the taxman last week before it was left to continue with its operations

I like this lady’s business acumen. I however feel for her coz if JSKS wins (@God forbid), it’s more trouble for her business. We all know that he will not spare the alcohol industry (though he will boost the sex industry…smh)
She will however grab the Nakuru County Senator’s seat under Azimio.

How do we “all” know this? Moderator, desist from spreading propaganda.

It is obvious, captain.

It’s true


Uhuru amefanya kazi

Its evident. It’s in the public domain.

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