kenyattas warning to all fake pastors

President Uhuru Kenyatta has
warned all Kenyan pastors against
using God’s name to enrich them-
selves and put it clear that they
shouldn’t misuse the freedom of
worship guaranteed by the
The President was speaking in
PCEA Makuyu where he said that
after watching an expose by
KTN’s Mohammed Ali and John
Allan Namu on fake Pastor
Kanyari, he was shocked beyond
“The church should be guiding
Kenyans instead of misleading
them. What’s going on in our
Country is shocking and
unacceptable.” He added.
Uhuru, who is a staunch Christian
and a God fearing leader, noted
that a failed church is equal to a
failed nation.
He urged all Church leaders to
come together and help the
Government to wipe out all fake
churches and prophets.
His sentiments come a day after
former Prime Minister Raila
Odinga criticized the Government
for planning to pass strict laws
that will regulate churches.
Raila said that Kenyans have the
freedom of worship and asked
police to leave Kanyari alone.

Raila will always say the opposite of what uhuru says.On the other hand, uhuru has no business in this.It’s an open market system.

bei si umeongea sana…kwani pia ww unaplan kufungua kanisa??

bei so true