Kenyatta University Riots??

Anyone Villager in KU to confirm .
Hope Students have NOT decided to be GSU’s minced meat tonight…

Exams are here and they didn’t study. Sasa riots is the way out aka postponement of the inevitable.

GSU will feast on the slay queens tonight, I hope it hasn’t reached a level for the GSU to be called in…

argument ya watu ku strike ati hujasomea exams i usually find it so stupid , kwani ulikuwa wapi ?

A few will pay the price, get suspended for a few years , while their “comrades” graduate and get jobs .

I have been to KU a few times this semester and to be honest the strike is legitimate. Those effin lectures have been on strike and they have not been going to teach. They drop zile handouts and disappear. Some have not even taught at all and the guys must do the main exam on 20th of this month. That is the defination of fucked up.

i know you are actively participating in that riot

I am not a student…hehehe…but I understand being an alumni. Nilikuwa huko juu ya mzoga huko KM. Funny how a vehicle gets you so much pussy.

That’s messed up! The lecturers shouldn’t get paid…


Nkt mi nafanya exam leo na sisumbui[ATTACH=full]139085[/ATTACH]

Hawajang’oa reli ya KM?..Hope other comrades pale Gwa Kairu,Ruiru Campus are in solidarity with them.

Ok, good.
Then why don’t they take out their wrath on the lecturers?

Wengi walikuwa kwa momo, gibleys and slaying!

He he he!
Umemuonea 18!

Hata ProboX6

How do you take your wrath out on a lecturer who has not even come to class since the semester started . A friend told me that hajaona lecturer wa unit mbili at all. If you go to KU before this riots, it was almost empty. Watu walienda home.
Plus this is not the first time. It happened to me several times when I was there. The attacking of the shops has always been the way to strike. Burning is new.
I remember someone walked past me once carrying safaricom recharge cards that looked like a machine gun bullet belt. Mwingine alibeba stock ya biscuits akapeleka kwa room yake.

Gari ni gari…females just don’t care if you are on wheels lakini usikuwe umebebea thara.

Msome muache kisumbua. KU is for teaching, media and catering careers , just few units of grammar, social studies and social media kila time - na mnataka lecturer akae hapo akiexplain grammar? Jeez kids… Chomeni blocks polepole.

Labda ni part time lecturer and he has not been paid fir the last one year.