Kenyatalk unlike/dislike button.

@admin, Have ever thought of giving us a dislike button even if it be on an experimental basis? Is it possible? I understand Facebook had at one time considered adding it but abandoned it coz there is no anonymity there and most people are friends, family, workmates e.t.c, but the dynamics here are different … Just my thoughts… And also wondering what other villagers would think of the idea [ATTACH=full]4774[/ATTACH]

Do you like that I liked your dislike idea? :eek:

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I second you coz some postings are just so nagging kaa za akina @DI_TICHA
So that it sinks in their medulla that unaboooore!!!

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Rejected, wewe weka hiyo yako kwa post or comment that you don’t like. Don’t try to curtail the freedom we are enjoying here.

Such a button will demote some talkers very fast, a dislike will be the equivalent of erasing 10 likes unless Admin assures otherwise…so expect your idea to be disliked

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village elders there is a suggestion section

Hahaha! That one… I realised after posting, I hope administration will move it there :slight_smile:

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haina haja

Vile thighs amesema