Kenyatalk is feeding mharo

[ATTACH=full]344052[/ATTACH]Who the hell is the owner of this website…he is taking Kijiji confidential info to the blog and media…

admin is selling content to them otherwise, he would have sent a cease and desist or blocked some IP’s.

@uwesmake lichoti franziz is the real owner of that gutter press site.

Admin is involved. Don’t post anything here you wouldn’t want to be seen on mpasho, tuko, daily-post, etc.

Hii si ilikua @digi ?

The artist @Introvert last warning on Kenyatalk is to not trust the website that the data is not safe.

The newbies most likely don’t know and are probably exchanging personal information in the inboxes. Ignorance is bliss

Wewe unafungua tabs mingi hadi browser inasmile tu

:D:D:D walipe rights

This nonsense should be halted