kenyatalk has been blocked...please help browse anonymously

Hi guyz, since yesterday i cant access kenyatalk via my companys’ network as the I.T pieces of wannabees have blocked it. Da faq? kwani how many ktalkers are working in this company wanamaliza data for it to be blocked? And check out the reason in the pic which they gave for blocking the site; ati akina @avicii and @old monk belong to a group known to be malicious wtf? i cant access kenyatalk, youtube, putlocker,mediafire and[ATTACH=full]8290[/ATTACH]porn sites. The weird thing is that torrent HAS NOT been blocked; as in how can you block youtube and leave out torrent? am downloading shit-piles of movies, series, documentaries and other junks in torrent. Nimejaribu ujanja like , anonymous, clearing my cookies to no avail. please help me browse into these sites without getting these horse-piss warnings. Right now am posting this thread via my laptop (safcon modem)… saidia tafdal… thanks in adi.


They realized you are wasting company’s time browsing this village trying to be crowned a village elder. The IT/HR guys know you are spending half your mornings reading posting and replying to postings. kubali tu umeshikwa na ubadilishe mwendo.

Google the “tor project” and start your journey to anonymity

I am clueless on this like a monkey in the city

Be patient, experts wako njiani

@fishmonger nimekubali nimeshikwa. sasa kati ya k-talk na torrent ni gani inafaa ikue blocked?
@mkufu sasawa acha nianze hiyo project
@4mankind si hata wewe ulifanya I.T ?

umeskia hio advice ya @Mkufuu.? …follow it

@ Hash_Tag vile amesema hapo, if you need admin rights on the network to install any software go to your self the portable version of proxifier and scavenge for a free proxy at HMA and run it from your flash drive.

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Tor + VPN utakua safe…

4makind sio mankind

naona hadi uko “porn harb”… ndo maana net inafungwa

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They must be blocking company washrooms with Siemens kama zile za KU

thanks a ton guyz… am sure after am done with proxifier and tor i’ll have circumvented whatever “firewall” they’re using to block my browsing. kwanza proxifier ive already downloaded the portable version lemmi start the work now.

kwani pono ni mbaya? nani huwa hastedi hapa? heheh!!!

give i

give it some time… probably your company’s system admin ako kwa village and could be monitoring/setting you up for a fall

@Mkufuu na Wazito nikitaka kudownload from torrents na niko blocked how do i go about it?

@ol monk kwani skuizi una “tweng” iyo jinako? mbona sio “old monk”? why is the D**** silent? nimecheki listing hapo down ati these days ur getting more ass than a toilet seat? hehe!
@4makind the earlier the better singoji


vya bure mwisho huwa gharama kubwa…

@tm wa klist ustie shaka if ur torrent aint working. all torrents can never be blocked. go to google, search for a movie followed by kickasstorrent eg " izombie kickasstorrent" then the google results will display an array of torrents with different domains. eg if ur company blocked; google will show you other torrent sites eg which your company hasnt blocked. open it, bookmark it and keep using it. also use piratebay. TORRENT IS HERE To f-***kin STAY!!!

@gashwin ati vya buure? men am working my ass off for this company that they cant afford to cut me loose.

Now those IT guys gotta be 38 & above to be up to such monkey business. Hiyo utiaji yote na kampuni si yake/unless kampuni ni yake…