The previous thread has a wrink that is leading one to a “KenyaSpot” site.

Wuehhh I think no moderation goes on there.They are spewing anything that their brain registers good or bad they don’t care.I have seen a pink handle complaining about being bullied in KTalk,she should try KenyaSpot and compare…


I’ve peeped that site. It’s full of unadulterated rubbish. No need to even create a profile.

@Jirani has been banned from every site on earth. He had to start his own



He is enjoying every moment of it.I thought I was hardened to read any kind of stuff.That place is a nogo zone for me

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oneni hii,didn’t know some things are taken seriously.Why hate?


I had a handle there whatever happened to it. Nimeshindwa kuingia.

Maybe walijua ni wewe…a mjaluo sympathiser…

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Kenyaspot is a Nasa/Odm meat-beating bonanza:D:D:D

I only sympathize with me mate.

Go tell that to them… I hope we are talking about the same mjaluo…:smiley:

The haters Sacco.

Mbona @Nefertities wa Kenyaspot ni Male, tree holder na wa huku ni pink handle?

Halafu kuna ng’ombe nimeona ziko huko spewing pure hate. I know understand why they speak crap here. Admin anapaswa kutumia hiyo link kukula watu equator

Huko ndio unapelekwa internship ya matusi. Wakanyama takes on all of them singlehandedly


Hapa nimeona ni nomare

:eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::D:D:D:D:D…shait, nimepeep huko nikashangaa kumbe ni Mosul/Raqqa. Huko ni maexplosions tu. Jigranny is taking no prisoners.

Village ya team UOTP hio.

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Just logged huko niharie iyo kijiji.

Nimeona mention yangu huko, jinga jigranny.

I signed up there only to realize it is someone’s personal YouTube diary. No content variety, just one person spamming the threads with capital letters.