Kenya's dalliance with Al Shabaab

Tuesday, 26th May 2015.

20 policemen feared dead after an ambush by AS militants in Yumbis, Garissa county hours after an attack hours earlier.

This alshabaab business has reached embarrassing levels jameni!! yaani this savages wametuzoea mpaka they can literally operate in the same county for more than a month and still get away with it!!!

This will be Jubilee’s bottomless pit, there is absolutely no reason why we should lose this war!!!

shame…i guess its the corruption levels in this country that will be our undoing.

SI last week ndiyo alshaboobs waliingia mosque in the same place and started talking badly about the Kenyan government? At this rate, I’m not sure if KCPE and KCSE candidates will do their exams.

lakini tutaskia " Serikali iko imara" wacha tungoje madaraka day turingie watoto wa shule with brand new military hardware


Hehe…Can’t help but wonder where all these spanky new hardware is in our times of need! Case in point, Garissa Uni Attack, we couldn’t even mobilize a plane to ferry Recce Squad…yet we have like a hundred KDF helicopters and planes! si at a presidential jet can ferry low class guys on a lifesaving mission!

And Duale has shown us the middle finger regarding his list of Al-Shabab sympathizers (50days later)…pass the kushungpeng @Wu Tang.

I think the problem is the intelligence and surviellance bodies in kenya. We need a kenyan equivalent of the Mossad and NSA to fight these fools.

true, but in order to cultivate that, we need to cultivate patriotism in this country. if it were possible for guys to sell this country, they shamelessly would

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Yes, I believe there are some high level government guys leaking info to the terrorists.

Policemen take bribes and allow those fuckers to enter Kenya with their weapons. I feel sorry for the dead souls but our overall incompetence brought this problem.

ION, KDF soldiers in Somalia killed 7 AS militants who ambushed them in Dohbley, Somalia.

KDF are ambushed , two soldiers are injured,7 AS militants are killed.
Kenya Police are ambushed, 20 policemen feared dead, 0 AS militants dead.



fcuk GOV

RIP soldiers

I told you guys, Ruto is busy stealing in preparation for 2022 and Uhuru only cares about his image.

Inadvertently, they both are preparing themselves for a massive loss come 2017

Either Alshabab produces the mbisha or we see families claim their loved ones are missing. Short of that this is hekaya.

KTN says its Hekaya for now but mbisha to come later:

I am watching KTN and the government is just flip flopping.

Most Ktalkers have no clue what patriotism entails. They just love to throw the word around to appear knowledgeable.